Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sisyphus Takes on Twin Team


Six of RVA’s finest defeated the sleep monster and posted for a trip into the unknown (as no one had signed up for the Q). After YHC’s customary on-the-dot arrival, YHC took the first Q. Brief COP on the spot to allow car exits for those not as well-versed in punctuality (it’s an art, fellas): SSH, IW, DQ.

Mosey over to Twin Team Hill for a Sisyphus Run (TM):

PAX ran uphill for 1 minute. Everyone goes back to wherever the 6 ended for a set of exercises, then another minute uphill. Repeat until summit. On the way up: 20 double count lunges (downhill of course), 20 WWIIs, 20 derkins, summit. On top, two sets of 10 burpees, then it’s back down.

Faster downhills meant 30 second intervals: 1st, sprint back to the summit, then reverso of the exercises on the way up. Sprint the final leg at the end, where YHC passed the Q to Wedding Singer.

Mosey back to Bettie Weaver for Triple Check: people’s chair, merkins, backwards run around dropoff loop. Singer passed the Q to Handshake.

15 PLCs, followed by partner carry laps around the dropoff loop. 15 more PLCs, then one man lunges halfway around loop while partner waits with SSHs, switch at halfway point.

Mosey back to the proverbial flag for a merkin ring of fire and WWII edition as well. Numbers, Names, ‘Nouncements.


Not a ton in the moleskin today – glad as always to work hard alongside men of quality. Would love to see more of the PAX as a whole to post at Twin Team. This has become one of my favorite AOs, with plenty of variety in locations, elevations, and implements of destruction. You won’t be disappointed!


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  1. Wedding Singer on

    Way to go Holland, appreciate you taking the reins and heading us over to the namesake of the AO.

  2. Nice hot potato Q!…3rd one this week. Gotta say, kinda diggin the hot potato and its variety.