Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bag Your Grass Clippings


It was 70 and sunny for 5 SOJ regulars along with YHC’s 2.1 and 2.2 to hit the parking lots and fields of Timberwolf.  It was a last minute decision to Q so YHC could control the workout for my 2.0s since they have missed the 2 Puppy Piles so far this year.


COP with SSH, DQ, Helicopters, Imperial Walkers, Hand release merkins and flutter kicks varying counts with some in conversation while DK tried to have a conversation with the Q.  Follow that up with some parking lot tracers.

Mosey to the freshly mowed field that was softer than the fields of No Toll.  15’s just like 11’s but you know, adding up to 15 – Merkins and Squats and a run across the field.

BLIMPS down the field – 5 broad jump burpees, 10 lunges each leg, 15 Imperial Walkers (traveling forward), 20 merkins, 25 plank jacks, 30 jump squats (jump forward) – finish the length of the field with a bear crawl to the end.

Love Field – Partner up – P1 runs P2 exercise down the field until P1 gets back – Russian Soldiers, Polar Bears, Lunge

Mosey up to the tennis courts for Mary – American Hammers, Freddie Mercuries, 6 inches, Crunchy Frogs, Peter Parker, Superman

Double Round Ring of Fire with Al Gore after the first round and Plank after the second.  Flair optional.  Close out with 5 burpees OYO to fill the last few seconds.


Great to see Bag Phone as a regular at SOT and TW, unfortunately Digger tweaked a hammy and is out but he seems to be another regular too.  Today is YHCs 15th anniversary, hence the 15s instead of 11s, I know the PAX appreciated the extra rounds.  It was fun to have my 2.0s out today, Sweet n Sour has been itching to get out recently, especially since her brother got to play Ultimate a few weeks ago.  Cliffhanger will certainly be back for more and Sweet n Sour is already cooking up a plan to hit the July 4th convergence.

The Timberwolf field was freshly cut soft grass.  It was cut nice and high and the grass clippings were plentiful.  One round back and forth and everyone was covered.  The PAX suggested requesting the school bag their clippings.  YHC is not advocating this since it is not the environmentally friendly option and is better for the grass to leave them.  However, it would be nice if I didn’t have to vacuum the car after every workout.  The 2.0s are not used to having to wipe down after a workout so YHC has some extra work to do.

DK, Gumbo and Mr. Roper may all be in the market for new shoes.  There was discussion of contacting Lab Rat for info on volume shipping discounts.

Come on out to Dogpile on Saturday to send Gumbo off for a month, I’m sure he’s got something good in store since he’s going to be out west without F3 until August.

Convergence July 4th 7 am at Tredegar, breakfast afterward is in the works.

It was a pleasure to be able to lead this morning, thanks for following along.


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  1. Good times Rosie. The extra rounds for the 15s were certainly welcome to celebrate your anniversary. Congrats! Well done by Cliffhanger and Swee N Sour. You were not kidding that Merks are SNS’s super power…her shoulder tap merkins in the ROF put Wilson (and the rest of us) to shame….RESPECT!

    Well done everyone. See you at Dogpile! Nothing special up my sleeve just plan to hit some of my favorites and get my fix in.