Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Kubota’s Tractor Route


13 Heat Seeking Missiles targeted Spider Run this morning to try to find the heat.  It didn’t take long!  PAX studies laminated route maps.  5:30am and BOOM!  Off we go!


4’s, 5’s and 6’s all head around the top side of the lake and escape campus via University Dr.  Take University up to Ralston.  Left on Ralston to River.  River to E. Glenbrooke Circle.  Turn on W. Glenbrooke Circle and wind around to Twin Lake.  4’s hang a right on Roslyn Hills and then a hard right into the playground.  5’s take Melwood from Twin Lake up to September and then a right on Roslyn Hills.  Hard left into playground.  6’s take a left on Roslyn Hills from Twin Lake and then a right on Ruggles.  Right on Charnwood up to Melwood up to September over to and down Roslyn Hills and a hard left into the playground.  All routes then run through the playground, up the trail, by the old house, down the driveway and hop onto University to Ralston to University back down to the lake.  4’s take the bridge route back to VSF.  5’s and 6’s take the top side of the lake to the VSF with 6’s running a third of the way to the bridge and back to VSF.

Numberama, Namearama and YHC took us out


Great run this morning.  Lots of hills and heat.  We couldn’t have gotten any wetter if we had jumped in the lake.  Several PAX’s abodes were passed this morning including YHC’s, Keymaster’s, Slurpee’s and Honeydo’s on the 6 mile route.  YHC drove the route yesterday and didn’t realized the amount of hills that were included on the route until YHC actually ran the route.  Of course when one drives the route, the legs do not feel the inclines!  YHC was shooting for 5 this morning, but the heat and hills brought him back to reality and he settled for the 4 mile route which ended up being 4.25!(BOOM!)  The title of this Backblast and the name of the route is due to YHC telling everyone that instead of selling tractors at work yesterday, YHC was printing out and laminating maps for the different routes.  Bleeder then suggested that YHC should have been making laminated maps for tractor demonstration routes instead while at work.


It looks as though Breaking Bread does not have a Q for this Sunday!!!!  Someone sign up, please!  It is something you will never forget especially if you take your 2.0’s!  YHC is surprised Lab Rat is not jumping up and down about this.  (Your welcome for the Backblast mention, Lab Rat!)

Puppypile is this Saturday at 7:05am immediately following Dogpile.  Sippy Cup had the lead.

4th of July convergence at Tredegar at 7am on July 4!  YHC will start us off and then pass the hot potato.  Hardywood/Kubota sponsored Coffeteria/Breakfast immediately following.  There may be a swim involved after, as well.

Lockjaw and Kubota are planning on a kayak/canoe trip soon while the water level looks good.  Huguenot Flatwater is the possible AO.  This would count as an Off the Books post for those trying to complete the Summer challenge.  We will let everyone know when.  (note: canoes/kayaks are not supplied)

Have a great Tuesday all!


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good route Kubota.
    Well done guys – that was a hot one !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Enjoyed it guys! Nice running with you Bleeder from the playground to the finish.

  3. Enjoyed the route Kubota. Tough one, but that’s why we come, right?

    Curious to know what kind of horrors may lie in that house at the cut through.

  4. Big Tennessee on

    Pennywise lives in that house, EF Hutton. That route in winter would be suspect. That said, it was tough route but I loved it. Pretty sure that’s the most I’ve sweat at a workout.

  5. Great route Kubota. The cooler placement was a nice touch…a few beers would have been a nicer touch : )

    I’m going to ask that Lockjaw laminate all his post-it notes going forward. Your route maps were impervious to my MOIST finger.

    Thanks to Splinter for keeping me on course (for the most part).

  6. Nice route Kubota. Love the hills over in Glenbrooke and my hood. Good to get a little wet today.

    For those counting, I only lost 5 pounds while running today.

  7. I’m debating whether or not I should sign up to Q next week’s Spider Run so that we can keep Lockjaw away for another week 🙂 It seems that I am taking his place at run Q’s. Just kidding, Lockjaw. They are probably getting tired of Kubota Q’ing runs.

  8. Splinter had us run through there back in the beginning of April when it was still dark. The headlamps were not as easy of a target for the possible guns being pointed at us from the windows.