Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Well, it’s not that hot


Not sure where the PAX was running this morning till all were at The Gloom! Gumbo and Crayola present upon arrival with Rosie quickly following. YHC was still smoked after yesterday’s impromptu 1/2 Marathon for Father’s Day!! PAX agreed to Tarrington Loop and 0530 down James River Drive the PAX went.

By the first hill, Rosie and Gumbo took lead with YHC and Crayola caboosing the run!! This morning’s run was all about introducing Crayola to Tarrington and getting an “early morning moral victory.” Rosie and Gumbo blazed ahead with 5 mile route around James River HS and circling back to check on YHC and Crayola= 4 mile route.

YHC has forgotten the streets that we traversed so “Tarrington Loop” sounds good to YHC!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Annoucements……Puppy Pile this Saturday, July 4 convergence at Tredgar. Rosie and Shakedown are running at 50K in 2 weeks.

NMS-Crayola, it was great to run with you this morning. Just what I needed to shake some stiffness out of my body!! Keep posting and YHC promises that workouts get easier. Great to see you in the gloom right after your virgin workout!

Rosie and Gumbo–way to push this morning. It is always great to see SOJ regulars before the work week begins!!

Only those who post understand.

Loud and Proud,



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  1. Great job guys. Thanks for the company Rosie. Our leisurely start meant we had to burn it up a bit down the stretch. Thanks for pacing us.

    Crayola – way to get back out there and way to push this morning. That Ashwell loop and hill is soul-crushing the first time, but once you know you can conquer it, it is all good. Look forward to having another SOJ regular.

    Major RESPECT to Rosie and Flatline for posting for a run this morning after killing some Father’s Day miles yesterday. You guys are machines.