Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Summer has arrived


8 strong posted this humid morning @ Forest Hill park for a Hot Potato Q.

Bleeder :  SSH’s , Windmills, LBC’s

Run around the lake – 10 merkins – run up the hill to second light and back down.

Singer : run around the lake – @ each light pole 10 merkins.

Swirly : Run up the steps – 20 dips on the benches – run up the steps – 15 hand release merkins – run to the tennis court – polar bears to the fence – 10 donkey kicks – lunge back – planks. Polar bear to the fence 10 donkey kicks – lunge back 20 WW II situps. 20 WW II sit ups – polar bear to fence – 10 donkey kicks – run back – 10 burpees .

Hardywood: 4 corners : 10 merkins – 10 merkins 20 squats – 10 merkins – 20 squats – 30 LBc’s – 10 merkins – 20 squats – 30 lbc’s – 40 2 count flutter kicks.

Mary : 20 WWII situps – 20 flutter kicks 10 merkins

Always a beatdown when there is a Hot potato Q – way to work guys. Wow it was humid – the sweat was rolling even before we got moving. Great to see Opus out at Batteau. Peta was back out – good to see you out there again man. Awesome to have Bleeder back in action @ a bootcamp – way to push brother..

Hardywood and Sippy crushed the lake. Singer and Pele – crushed the court – Bleeder smoked the 4 corners. Opus and Peta slammed through that brutal mary. Great to have Sippy join me on the run back to the house after the workout!

Great job guys – excellent way to start the week !

See y’all in the gloom..


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  1. GREAT job today guys!!! Way to absolutely crush it. The humidity was no joke and always a funny thing to start the day off looking like you have jumped into the river. Great to have Bleeder back into the mix and it looks like you haven’t missed a beat. PETA, you killed it out there like a carnivore and you worked hard enough that clearly deserve some steak and leather coat. Go get it fellas!

  2. Really loved being at batteau this morning. It is a fantastic place for a beatdown. See you at the frisbee craziness tomorrow.

  3. Affirmative. I’ve never heard you use layman’s terms before so I was thinking you used the word windmill to let us know that you were in a hostage situation. Then I remembered that if anyone held you hostage they would likely be beaten with their own arms.