Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Old Glory Meets Four Corners


Twelve fart-sack escapees convened at Hoedown for a Slurpee replacement Q.  Actually, there were 9 of us and three tricklers.  Today was not the day to be late to the AO.  Huddle up then off we went, north on Forest to the church parking lot for…

SSH – x25
Burpee – x1
Russian Soldiers – x20
Burpee – x2
Imperial Walkers – x20
Burpee – x3
Copperhead Squats – x15
Burpee – x4
Don Quixotes – x10
Burpee – x5

The Thang
Slide over about 10 feet to start 4 corners with Old Glory exercises at each corner.  The first time through we bear crawled to the first corner, 20 merkins, crab walk to second corner, 20 jump squats, bear crawl to third corner, 10 burpees, crab walk to fourth corner for 20 WWIIs.  Al Gore.

Second round included the same exercises but the distance between the corners increased.  This time it was the perimeter of the parking lot around the church.  Backwards run when you are on the roads and forward run otherwise.  Al Gore.

Third round was all running, same exercises at the corners.  Run out Rock Creek to Baldwin, Baldwin to Stuart Hall, Stuart Hall to Forest, then back to Rock Creek.  Plank-o-rama.

Mosey back to the school via Paris and partner up for a modified catch me if you can.  Partner 1 bear crawls sideways on the incline hill in the parking lot while partner 2 completes 10 merkins then runs to catch up.  Down to the end and back.

Same partners, partner 1 holds 6″ while the other runs the bus loop.  Repeato x3.

Circle up for some quick mary which included American Hammers (x20) and LBCs (x20).

Numbers, names and YHC took us out with some advice that may not pass the HR muster.

YHC was pinged by Slurpee yesterday indicating he couldn’t take the Q today so YHC stepped in.  YHC has not done an old glory in quite some time but Hoedown is not very conducive for said routine.  Thus the modification with 4 corners of escalating size.

Vinny was very thankful for all the running today as he has been lacking recently.  Also, great to see Sabotage out there for the first time in a while.  Kudos to Ponch who just notched his 4th workout in his first 8 days.  Keep it up!

Celebratory toast of the day goes to Sugar Sock who hit his 100th workout today.  BT had the nerve to ask him how he knew how many times he had posted.  Silly BT.

Great to see the variety of faces today.  Summer challenge is in full effect.

Puppy Pile – 705 Saturday
Frisbee tomorrow at Heartbreak
Convergence 7/4 at 700 @ Tredegar

Splinter out.



  1. Congrats Sugar Sock, that’s awesome! Today was a grinder. Glad to have posted, but tough after the boys worked me on the trails yesterday.

  2. Great Q, Splinter. You made number 100 happen the hard way.
    Way to work guys, the heat and humidity were no joke today.
    Here’s to the next 100 with you boys.

  3. Congrats Sugar Sock!

    That was a good burn today, Splinter. No mumble chatter from the Pax today.

  4. Big Tennessee on

    I only asked since I’m now in the dark with no F3 app. WILSON!! Make some calls! Well done, Sugar Sock! The sweat was on from the get-go today. Still haven’t cooled down. Some dude named Vinny is racking up some posts…