Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Father’s Day Trails


3 Field Day victors and 4 other runners hit the trails for a variety of distances on Father’s Day.  YHC and Shakedown launched at 0600 and did the Carillon route and made it back by 0700 to meet up with 5 other dads.  A few, Flatline, Hardywood, and Upchuck?, had already hit OTB to make it a Sunday Double Dip.  Lots of discussion prior to starting about the distance and route.  Let’s get started and figure it out on the way.  Start out on North Bank, all the way to Brown’s Island where Hardywood turned around to make it back for some Father’s Day festivities.  The remaining 6 hit the pipeline to the Flood wall and Buttermilk.  Lab Rat was the only one to make a stop for a dip in the river.

A quick COT and then Flatline, Upchuck and YHC took off for another mile or so to hit some nice round numbers.  Flatline and Upchuck got a half marathon with the Double Dip.  YHC got a little jolt of adrenaline near the end when a tree fell about 10 yards in front of me coming down Pump House Road to the parking lot.  Luckily the dog walking tomato ahead of me and YHC heard and saw it and were able to get out of the way before it hit the ground and powerline.  Vinny was a little worried he would get left behind but he pushed through and realized that no man left behind is the F3 way but especially on the trails.

Thankful to be a father and have a couple of wonderful kids.  Happy Father’s Day men!  Give your kids some extra hugs, give your own father some love, and remember those that have lost their fathers.


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  1. Amen, brother. Well said.

    Nice route today. Great to run with you all. No man left behind; no herron left alive.

  2. Vinny’s comments went sideways. He was tired. He meant to say that he really needed F3nergy today. Going it alone wasn’t desirable. Great run as always. Really appreciated the time spent with each of you. Happy Father’s Day.

  3. Yes, hug your fathers!! I remember mine and our love for baseball!!

    Nothing difficult is easy, and the easy way is usually wrong!!!
    1/2 marathon……hell yea!!

    Be the best dad and husband, possible!!

  4. Lab Rat was a double dipper as well, but was fully satisfied with 12 for the day and didn’t want to ruin the high he was riding with an extra mile.

    Great to run with each of you, I think I got some one on one time with each guy that posted. Sunday trails, gotta love them!