Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

School’s Out


Four dedicated scholars arrived at Twin Team to celebrate the end of the school year. YHC took the PAX through the academic journey of a K-12 education in just 45 minutes – here’s how it went:

Mosey around the track to the playground. COP (SSH, DQ, helo, IW, hand-release merkins), then it’s time for class. One of the first lessons of elementary school is, “how to make new friends,” so today’s events were mostly partner exercises. First up: 5 pullups, followed by 15 derkins atop the back of your planking friend. Three rounds through, then mosey over to the parking lot at James River HS.

PAX was disappointed that there was no middle school to visit, but YHC assured them they’d smell like a middle schooler by the end, and all was well.

Parking lot: science class in high school was often about counting things, so we counted poles. Partner 1 does WWIIs while Partner 2 touches one pole (switch), followed by two, up to four poles – no repeating allowed, 10 poles in all. PAX had a fairly licentious idea of what constituted a “pole” at times, but we made it nonetheless.

At times in high school, we all got to a point where we felt overwhelmed, and couldn’t make it alone. It was then that we needed a friend the most, one who could ‘carry us’ through…time to mosey over to the track for a lap of partner carry. Whenever a switch happened, partners did six booyah merkins.

Mosey back towards Bettie Weaver, and time for a tribute to the junior class, who have done nearly as much schooling as the graduating class, but with nothing as yet to show for it. 11’s for the 11th graders: squats, bear crawl up the hill, merkins, crawl bear back down.

As time was running short, PAX finished in true 11th grade style: cut corners in order to make that deadline! First the crawl bear turned into a run downhill, then Q removed the parking lot portion of the bear crawl, shortening to the hill alone. Finished just under the wire, in time for dogs & kids.


It’s been a great school year for this teacher, but I’m glad to see the end of it. Thanks for being such an important part of keeping me fit, sane, and in community!


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