Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Yeah Booooy!


An even 13 old school rap afficionados posted at WDog to beat the heat and reminisce about when rap music used to be good. Mosey to field beside amphitheater for COP by a sign that says stay off grass.

COP: Helicpoters x 12 / Willie Mays Hayes x 9 / Reverse Sit-ups x 12 … Mosey to hill behind amphitheater.


Big Ass Clock Merkins OYO x 3 Merkins at each hour, clockwise. Sprint down and out of bowl to tree at the top, then bring it back for another round of BACM’s OYO x 3 at each hour, this time counterclockwise. Mosey to stage. YHC had plans for a quick stage party, but that got interrupted. More on that later.

PLTs progressive to the top of the stairs. Al Gore and a lap around the circle until PAX finishes up.

Lawnmower Merkins Partner up for wheelbarrows. Every 5th pace stop and complete a merkin while in wheelbarrow position. Repeato x 3. Then backwards lawnmower merkins back to original starting point. Each person completes one circuit.

Wheelbarrows Same partners wheelbarrow across the circle and switch. Bring it back.

Mosey to Rusty Case for Triple Check 1. Hanging knee-ups (left/right/middle) 2. Row Boats 3. Sprint to fire hydrant for 3 burpees. Repeato x 3.

Mosey back to the circle. Ring of Fire 1-5 and type of Merkin called out by each PAX member. Jog in place in between. YHC called out Swirly Merkins to finish things off. Back to the flag.

MARY 25 crab cakes OYO


F3RVA Field Day is this Saturday. See the Preblast for details. The Ghost Flag will be up for grabs. Weat a t-shirt that represents your elementary school days.

Puppy Pile – 6/23 / July 4 Convergence / RAMM GEARS Amateur ride is this Friday. 


YHC pulled into WDog at 4:57 certain he’d get his choice of parking spaces. But ole Big Blue proved me wrong once again. 5:25 and only three PAX members were on site. Then, like in Field of Dreams, they poured into the parking lot ready for a beatdown.

YHC recently learned that Flava Flav is throwing out the first pitch for the Squirrels next Thursday and had to work in an ode to the trend setting, clock wearing, lyrical murderer. Hence, Big Ass Clock Merkins.

YHC had a nice little rap concert planned on the stage but apparently I didn’t get my stage rental application in on time. When we arrived at the stage, a nice gentleman was there taking a nap after presumably a late night of Shakespeare. Oh well, YHC now knows better.

YHC also learned about Willie Mays Hayes’s during my recent trip to F3 Arlington. Lots of mumble chatter ensued from that exercise. See Swirly for a movie quote rap battle. He’s taking on all comers.

“Heywood leads the league in most offensive categories, including nose hair. When this guy sneezes, he looks like a party favor.” – Harry Doyle

Thanks for letting me lead.



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid Q Vinny.
    Well done guys – excellent work – shout out to my partners this morning – HoneyDo, Splinter, and Keymaster – crushed it fella’s !
    Wed Hill run this evening guys come on out..
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Nice Q Vinny. Plenty of merkins and grass! Always forget how hanging from Rusty Cage hurts more than it seems it should.

  3. Hope to see you before you ship off, but if not, best wishes friend. Can’t make HDHH tonight.

  4. Flashdance, text me. 804-852-0800. Would love to stay in touch. It’s been great getting to know you brother.

  5. Flashdance, great to know you over the past few years. Your generosity will not soon be forgotten. Enjoy Florida and the wildlife.