Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

This Roller Coaster Ride is Full!


12 strong (9 big, 3 small) attacked the Roller Coaster on Wednesday evening in the rising temperatures.

Kubota, Husky, Hardywood, Halfpipe, Vinny and Shark Bait all did 2 short loops.

Swirly did 2 long and 1 short loop.

TYA did 6 short loops.

Opus and Sugar Sock did 4 short loops.

Rosie and Bleeder did a mixture of both loops (unknown, YHC forgot to ask)

Numberama, Namearama and YHC took us out



Possible record numbers at Roller Coaster this evening!!  Between a mixture of Pax wanting to check this off of the challenge list, veterans who are training for BRR, regulars like YHC, and 2.0’s wanting to hang out with their cool Dads, Roller Coaster was the place to be.  There was mumble chatter about Vinny’s upcoming Dogpile Field Day and Husky’s Elementary School Field Day that just occurred.  Owls were hooting and mosquitos were biting.  It was nice to have the 2.0’s out so they could have fun with their Dad’s and each other.  YHC overheard Halfpipe tell Shark Bait to “drop and give me 10” after the run was over.  Shark Bait obliged!

YHC has really grown to enjoy Roller Coaster over the last few weeks and will make it part of his permanent weekly posting schedule.  Don’t just come out to check it off your challenge list, come back and have fun and get a nice run in at the same time.

Have a great evening all!


keep posting

P.S.  Saab and family were seen in front of Beijing on Grove on YHC’s drive home.  YHC’s day is now complete.


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  1. LIFOing, missed the directions, but opted for the standard regular loop, glad to catch some of the PAX on the run. Great to see 2.0’s running!

  2. Those hills are no joke! Way to push Opus, enjoyed running with you. And it was you who pulled me into that 4th loop. Nice seeing the 2.0s get some work in. Well done men!

  3. This was a good evening. Half Pipe was grinning ear to ear and after a post run swim, the boy was out cold. I can see this happening again. Have a great day fellas!

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