Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Four Point Conversion


Nine Ballers entered the arena for a Richmond Roughriders inspired beatdown.  Here’s how it happened.


Mosey in front of school to bus parking lot.


  • SSHs x 18
  • Copperhead Squats x 18
  • HR Merkins x 18
  • Reverse Scorpions x 18
  • Crabcakes x 18
  • Helicopters x 10

Mosey around school and down to football field

Agility Drills

  • High Knees across field, repeat
  • Karaoke across, repeat
  • Back Pedal, repeat
  • Slurpees (Slide 5 steps, Burpee) across, repeat

F3 Gassers

  • Sprint Goal Line to 10yd line and back, repeat to 20yd line, 30, 40, 50,…. opposite Goal Line and back

Passing Tree (Waiting PAX does SSHs, Jump Squats, Lunges, LBCs) Dropped pass = 2 Burpees for all

  • 10 and In
  • 10 and Out
  • Post
  • Fly

Arena Bowl I (4 on 4)

Mosey back to SF

Numberama, Nameorama, COT


Those who know YHC well are quite aware of his love affair with obscure sports, particularly minor league arena football.  Yeah, that’s right, in case the PAX didn’t know, there is a team in town called the Richmond Roughriders and they’re awesome.  18-1 over two seasons to be exact and the #1 seed heading into the American Arena League playoffs kicking off this Saturday at the Coliseum.  The games cost the same as a Squirrels’ outing but are twice as fun, money back guaranteed.  Notable current Roughriders’ players include former NFL Pro-Bowler, part-time UFC fighter and all around good guy Greg Hardy, former Saint and Super Bowl Champion Robert Meachem, plus local Hokie hero Davon Morgan.  The games are high-paced, hard-hitting, and will keep you on the edge of your seat.  YHC planned this workout to bring awareness to this great game and source of entertainment.  Apart from the Braves/ Squirrels, professional sports teams have a long history of failure in RVA and YHC would like that to change.  YHC encourages all PAX to get out and see a game and support these weekend warriors who lay it on the line simply for love of the game.  YHC will be at the Coliseum at 6:30 at the box office across 7th street from the parking deck if anyone would like to join Rider Nation.

Team 1 (Rosie, DK, Phonics, and Offshore) were stifled and confused by the half zone/ half man defense of Team 2 (EF, Gumbo, Tobit, Bag Phone).  Gumbo led Team 2’s aerial attack, but was let down by YHC’s stone hands.  Offshore throws a pretty ball with his slick left handed Vick-like flick.  Shakedown opted to take some laps.  In the end Arena Bowl I ended in a very un-arena football like 0-0 tie.  YHC provided some comic relief while just missing on a perfectly thrown corner route by Gumbo stepping in a mud puddle and sliding on his back about 6 feet.


Happy Hour, today Hardywood West Creek whenever you can get there

RVA Summer Tour rolls on

Amateur RAMM Gears this Friday, anything with wheels counts (bike, roller skates, Walmart motorized scooter)

Welcome Bag Phone


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  1. That was great fun. Good idea EFH.

    I’d like to see more passing tree drills — kind of like Free Throw drills, very likely to result in significant punishment with this PAX

    Welcome Bag Phone. Keep coming out. Plenty of other SOJ AOs to explore.

  2. Fun stuff EFH. Offshore showed off his cannon today with some bombs that even Phonics couldn’t run down. Slurpees will make their way back sometime, that’s a good new way to get across a field.

  3. That was fun EF! Thanks for bringing the variety.

    Glad to have you out Bag Phone…looking forward to seeing you again soon!