Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lindsay does Lindsay


A lucky 13 descended upon Tuckahoe Elementary to jumpstart their week.  This is what transpired more or less…

COP:  Helicopters, DQ’s, DRM’s

Lindsays on Lindsay:  Mosey (halfway) down Lindsay.  Perform Lindsays starting with 30 Merkins, run to top, 10 J-Squats…repeat Lindsay-style.

11’s:  Near parking lot, find a nice patch of grass for your ass and start with WWII’s.  Run up embankment, touch fence, then perform Merkin…repeat 11’s Style.


  • 10 Donkey Kicks, Bear Crawl to center of field, perform 10 Heels to Heaven, Crab Walk Back
  • Repeat above starting with 20 DK’s then 20 4 count Flutter Kicks.
  • Repeat again with 30 DK’s then 30 two count LBCs.  Polar Bear back

Catch Me if you Can:  Partner runs backward while other performs 5 Merkins.  Tag up and switch.  Continue for 5 minutes back and forth across field.

Few Minutes of Mary (Hello Dollys and Scissors), then COT.


Shakedown provided YHC a heads-up yesterday that he would be bringing an FNG (Tony) to the workout.  Although he missed the stellar COP, he arrived in plenty of time for Lindsays to commence.

Creative juices were not flowing today so the PAX/Q initially landed on the name Pothole – given Tony’s work with VDOT.  Both Tony and the Q were less than enthused.  Afterward YHC did some research on the Corp of Engineers – which Tony had also been with for many years.  After consultation with others, he has been dubbed “Ponch” – a somewhat verbal abbreviation of “Lake Pontchartrain.”  This is the lake which breached the levees built by the Army Corp of Engineers during hurricane Katrina.

Welcome Ponch.  YHC was impressed you were already thinking of exercises to offer in the event it was a hot potato Q.  We look forward to your return and leading this group someday.

Saab abides.



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  1. The COP was a Saab specific highlights reel. Good stuff.

    Hoedown was in full field day flair as set up was occurring in those early morning hours. YHC was perplexed by the plush blanket with stuffed animals on top. Not an exercise I am familiar with.

    Welcome Ponch! Glad to have you on board.

  2. Welcome Ponch! Hope you like the new name better, it could be far worse.

    Saab, I think you have have mistook the Navy Engineer Corp with the Army Corp or Engineers but close enough.

    Good fun this morning even though I had to take it way easier than I am used to. Had to come out since I had a FNG coming. This too shall pass.

  3. Well done today, Saab. Crab walking is harder than it looks…all I could think of during the derkins was how much asphalt I was going to have embedded in my face when my arms failed.

    Welcome, Ponch. Way to crush the first workout. Look forward to having you back.

  4. Great workout guys! Doing incline Merkins on that asphalt hill while gassed was tough, I can’t believe I didn’t bite it.

    Welcome Ponch!

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