Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Downrange in FL


2 travelers posted at the normal F3 Ft Lauderdale spot for a Nomad beatdown. We hot potatoed it up:

Upchuck:  COP, 10Merkins at light post, Partner up for B2W and Touch a Tree.

Honeydo: Run to parking deck. Bernie Sanders up deck, 2 Burpees each light. 3 sets of 20 PLTS and 10 WWII situps. Run deck, then back down. 3 sets of 10 BoxJumps, 10 Derkins.

4 more sets of Derkins on Flower Pots. Then some Mary and out.

NMS – YHC hooked Upchuck  on this nomad workout by reminding him last time we did this in FL his Cubs won the WS. Upchuck always the superstitious CAPS fan posted on minimal sleep.

The FL humidity made us pine for the cooler temps of back home. There was discussion of those in the RVA tour challenge getting bonus Nomad points this summer posting out of RVA.

Always good to see a friendly face in the gloom when traveling, make the chaos of business travel much more tolerable.


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  1. Well done, my friend. Thank you as always for dragging me out…you may not have realized it was almost exactly 2 years ago today that the Jeep appeared at zero dark 30 in my driveway…off we went to The Punisher.

    Thanks for 2 years of helping me get my mental and physical fitness on.

    And, to the rest of you, thank you as well.

  2. Man it has been 2 years. You’ve come a long way brother. I’ll catch you on the Belmonte next year.