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Always 70 and Sunny

Swirly Finally Comes out to DaVille


22, yes I said 22 pax, showed up in the parking lot of Atlee to see what this Ultimate thing was all about.  Things started off with a bang with Vinny rolling out with a red Philly’s shirt on…WTF?!?  This coming from the guy that put out some coded tweet about buying tshirts from our elementary schools, or something like that.  After taking some ball busting, it turns out he did have the appropriate shirts for the workout.  It seems Spike did too, but left them in the truck…

We got things started with a quick warm up of parking lot tracers and the easiest COP ever done.  Then to make sure everybody knew we were down for a workout, we flew through a Lindsay  with merkins and WW2 situps.  Cones got set by the front runners, which you would think got done quickly…..nope!  I am herding cats while yelling across the field at Shakedown and Phonics to RUN!  Phonics is one of the fastest guys I know and there he is, meandering thru the field picking dandelions while the rest of the pax holds plank.  All in good fun, we got the field set up and went over some basic rules, like NO CONTACT (Swirly is here, mind you).  Then we got to playing…

While the white team tried to figure out how to change shirts once they were already soaked from the dew, the black team marched down field to throw the game in.  Whites took advantage of first possession by scrambling quickly in for the first score!  We didn’t get to celebrate for long though, as team black scored the next two points to take the lead.  Not to let the game get away from us, team white led by Spike and some awesome offensive plays by Wilt (Opus’ 2.0), scored a couple more of our own to take the lead back. The only major hiccup of the game came when Swirly threw a perfect throw 20 yards up the field to Wheelie….problem was he was on the wrong team, but wearing a gold long sleeve shirt (go Golden Knights?!?).  This prompted Wheelie to shed the shirt and become officially TEAM WHITE.  We reset that play as it was obvious the throw was a result of “wardrobe malfunction”.

Spike on team white and FNG Glide on team black showed the way as standouts for their squad, but glory was found throughout the pax.  Handshake caught 2 of the goals for team black that I know of.  Shakedown and The Carpenter were all over the field for team black.  Wilt as previously mentioned played up to rep the shorties very well indeed!  Also, ET (Phonics’ 2.0) showed me some of the Mudd family speed as he effortlessly dusted me when I tried to guard him for a minute.  It’s not fair.  Helix as always was all out, making sliding blocks and always in the right place at the right time, just like on the racquetball court.  Play of the day ALMOST went to Vinny, who made an epic sliding catch that nobody thought was possible….then promptly flubbed a 4 foot throw to me to kill the play.  On one hand, he could have just stood up and made the handoff….on the other hand, I hope the shoulder is ok.

When team white scored again to take the lead at 5-4, the bonehead move of the day was made by the Q (team white), who declared next score wins.  Team black marched right down our throats to make the score to tie the game for the win.

All in all, as long as Vinny’s shoulder is ok, this year’s DaVille Ultimate went awesome!  The teams were evenly matched and it was a battle to the end.  It’s great to finally get Swirly out to DaVille, even if we had to borrow one from Raleigh to get it done.  Welcome to our three FNG’s, Glide and Bulkhead, plus one that had to leave early.  Also, glad to have Swirly from Raleigh with us this morning.  Finally, thanks to all that traveled from around the RVA to see a portion of arguably the best weekday AO out there.

FNG names:

Glide:  Glide was wearing a Houston Astros hat…I threw out ASTROGlide, which after reconsideration got shortened to Glide.  He still doesnt like the name, which makes it perfect.  Plus, everybody now KNOWS it means ASTROGlide.  Also, on a parallel note, he has a wicked Ultimate game and can Glide a frisbee.  But it’s really more about the Astroglide theme.

Bulkhead:  Bulkhead is an inactive Marine (they dont like to be called “former”) and I am Navy, so I love love love to name Marines Navy stuff.  Shakedown had a collision with him during the game and mentioned it was like hitting a brick wall…walls in the Navy are Bulkheads, so slam dunk!  The alternative was “Booze Cruise” due to his Jimmy Buffet Tshirt, but he liked that name waaaayyyy to much.

Apology of the week goes out to Vinny for making fun of your red tshirt….actually screw that!  If you were going to wear red today, it should have at least been a CAPS shirt!  Ahhhh….just busting your chops.


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Awesome day in DaVille. The Phillies shirt was designed to get LabRat’s blood pressure up. It worked. The shoulder turned out to be fine, but the ribs are giving it a go. I’ll be fine, and it was worth it. In hindsight, I should’ve stood up, made the throw, then worried about regaining my breath.

  2. Good times and a very nice AO. Less than 20 minutes from Bon Air in the pretraffic morning gloom. It was nice to see all you Davillians on a day other than Saturday. Loving the summer challenge.
    Welcome Glide, Bulkhead, and the, as yet, nameless FNG who had to leave early.

  3. Glad to be playing some Ultimate again in DaVille. I think we have our annual staple event in DaVille Lab Rat. What a showing today! If we take out our SOJ and out town guest that still make 18 Davillians including 3 FNG. It’s been a while since we seen numbers like that.

    Vinny glad to hear your shoulder is ok. Sugar Sock and Shakedown glad you made the trip. Good to meet the Swirly for NC.

    Welcome to Glide, Bulkhead, and FNG to be named later. Hope to see them out again soon!

    Keep EHing fellas!

  4. The Carpenter on

    LabRat delivered on his promise for a great morning. Glide, Bulkhead and FNG to be named later brought ultimate frisbee skills to the field! Let’s build on this and EH some more guys for next week!

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