Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pitch Perfect


14 on the finest arrived for unseasonably low humidity and a chance to tackle some miles.  YHC called the Cardinal Run and off we went.

Around the Robins Center and up Boatwright.  Take Honaker to Patterson and take a right followed by an immediate left on Roxbury.  Roxbury to West Franklin and head west.

At the intersection of Charles, 5s/6s take a right and take an out and back detour to Crestview Elementary (home of the Cardinals).  All routes then continue west on W. Franklin to Donald. Take a left and Donald turns into Register Pkwy.

At Patterson and Three Chopt, 6s continue west on Patterson to Westham Pkwy and a left on University Dr to come through the trails to the lake.

4s and 5s head south on Three Chopt and take a right on the access road just beyond Bandy Field.  Drop down the hill on the trail and pick up the road.  Take the cut through back to the main UR entrance and come down around the Robins Center to the lake.

Gomer Pyle took us out.

Mumble chatter was light at the end, however a subset of the Pax was singing the accolades of Pitch Perfect.  YHC inquired if that was the one with Jimmy Fallon (Fever Pitch) but was informed Pitch Perfect was not about baseball in any way.

Welcome Gomer Pyle’s 2.0 “Tippecanoe”.  Hopefully that name nicely combines your interest in politics and military strategy.


  • Ronnie’s on the mend.  Hopefully we will see him “back” in action soon.
  • June 15 – Amateur day at RAMM GEARs.  Bring any bike and be prepared to be underwhelmed.  See Lockjaw for details.
  • June 23 – Puppy Pile – 2.0 friendly workout after Dogpile.  Sippy is on point to kick it off.
  • July 4 – Convergence downtown.  Patriots welcome.
  • Once the river levels drop, YHC is going to get an off the books kayak/canoe group together.  See Lockjaw for details.

Time to Taper,



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Liked that route Lockjaw – thanks for checking back to make sure these ole legs were still working…
    Welcome Tippecanoe !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Another great route LJ. Thanks.

    Great running with BT and discussing baseball and with Gomer, for the end. Always fun to hear a proud father talk about his kids.

    Speaking of Tippecanoe- welcome brother. Way to push on your first post. Most humans can’t stick with Saab for that long. Hope to see you back out soon.

  3. Nice run and route this morning, LJ. I was able to check on one my rental houses off Honaker for a couple of seconds. It’s nice that F3RVA has the options of runs in addition to boot camps for those pax members with upper body injuries. Have a great Tuesday all!

  4. Thanks gents. Great being back out there and nearly 100%.

    Now I need to get Tippecanoe to a boot camp. Working on the EH for RAMM.

    From Tippecanoe-
    I really enjoyed running with you all. Looking forward to doing it again.

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