Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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30, yes you read that right 30 warriors rose to greet the dawn of a new day. Today was an F3 olympiad of leadership.  According to legend, it went a little something like this.

Today there would be 10 Qs each with a 5 minute punishment session with a one minute transition between.

Round #1 Hardywood (YHC)

COP: Mosey to field IC SSH, DQ, Merkins regular, merkins right foot in the air, merkins left foot in the air

Transition #1 10 burpees

Round #2 Kubota – All pax plank and man at the end begins agility drills between the planking pax. First time was on foot, second time was bear crawl.

Transition#2 10 burpees

Round #3 Wilson – Triple check.  One pax hang (or shamefully watch Rosie do toes to bar), one pax run to hydrant for 10 merkins, one pax do pull ups on the dips bar.

Transition #3 20 merkins

Round #4 Bodos – Trail Run to the bottom of pipe line.

Transtion #4 10 merkins

Round #5 Shakedown – The Magoosh! Pax line up in two lines.  Pax on the end yells drop and on command the remainder of the pax drops to the ground, completes one merkin and moves three paces to the right (or left) completes another merkin and gets up.

Transition #5 10 Hand Release Merkins

Round #6 Upchuck – Five Minutes of Fury.  The ground and pound round included IC Flutter Kicks, Dips, Rosalitas, and an ungodly amount of Reverse Crunches.

Transition #6 10 burpees

Round #7 – Lab Rat.  Run up Love Hill to the Amphitheatre.

Transition #7 10 Merkins

Round #8 – Posh. Ascending WWII Situps.  Complete 1 on the first step, 2 on the second step….you get the idea.

Transition #8 10 Merkins

Round #9 – Hitchhiker.  Sprints.   Perhaps the most painful thing to do at the end of the exercise and this is what he chose.  There’s really not much more to say here. The brain of YHC shutoff after the 3rd round and we could have done 4 or 400, no one can really be sure.

Transition#9 10 Merkins

Round #10 Seymour. Skip, shoot and look shameful for the length of the field, then upon his call sit on the ground and look bewildered.  In addition to describing all of YHC’s family vacations, this is also what transpired for the Cleveland Cavaliers in game one of the finals. Mosey back to the flag.

Transition #10 Six inches

Numberama, namerama, Shakedown took us out.

News: July 4th Convergence.  See Kubota.  This will be at Tredegar for an hour long sufferfest with a post workout coffeteria on site.  In the immortal words of our founding fathers on the day Jefferson signed the Delcaration of Independence “Hey Ben Franklin I know this place in little Philly with some baller breakfast tacos and super hot waitresses, are you in? And don’t invite Sam Adams.  He keep going on and on about this British girl he was dating, then he shot her brother and he won’t shut up about how complicated it is now. Oh god, and don’t even get him started talking about Harvard.”.

Puppy Pile: June 23rd 7:05am.  Sippy Cup has the Q.

Moleskin:  Thanks a ton fellas for absolutely bringing it.  We covered a ton of ground and it was awesome to have 4 first time Qs.  Wilson said it best, “If you can count to 3 then you can Q”.

A great time at ETs as always.  With this disgusting and rambunctious bunch, outside was a excellent option.  Discussed at ETs was how much Lab Rat loves and I mean LOVES The Creek as an AO.  He asked us if we would be interested in moving all Richmond F3 workouts to that location.  This has been tabled for Corporate.  Fingers crossed.

YHC has made the call to upgrade Trabek to Moops.  All credit for this genius F3 name goes to Lab Rat.  Here’s the dissection.  “Trabek” was said to be good at trivia -> In the 7th episod of the 4th Season of Seinfeld George plays Trivial Pursuit with Bubble Boy -> George asks the question “Who invaded Spain in the 8th century?” Bubble Boy answers “the Moors,”. -> George replies ” the question card says that the answer is “the Moops.”.  Clearly it was a misprint and the Moors wreaked more havoc on Spain that all of our sweaty asses combined do at ETs.-> Welcome Moops.



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  1. Thank you fellas! Have an awesome weekend!!

    Dig a little deeper, get it all out and be super.

  2. Hardywood, great idea on the rapid fire hot potato today. Thanks for setting the tone and thanks to all who q’d. We had some real variety out there.
    Kubota, hope the shoulder is ok brother. Get that thing looked at!

  3. This was a blast. 5 minutes goes by quick when you are the Q. Hope your shoulder feel better Kubota.

  4. Kubota – I think you should go today but if you don’t and you end up going tomorrow Brett Law at Carytown Patient First is a sports med (and family) doctor and I’ve been seeing him for decades. In any case get better quick man. Sorry you hurt yourself.

    Don’t forget Flipper too. He’s he man.

  5. That was a lot of fun even though I might have been one of the first to injure oneself while one had the Q! Xrays showed no bone damage but MRI’s are on order for next week on both of my shoulders. Possible rotator cuff injuries in both. Looks like I’ll only be posting to runs for awhile. Great job Hardywood and to all the Q’s. Great time at ET’s as well! Have great weekend all and Go CAPS!

  6. Oh, man, Kubota. That stinks. Glad to hear x rays were negative. Hope the MRI turns out well. Rest up.

    Let’s go CAPS!!!!

  7. To all Q’s well done. I should have thought my Q choice a bit more. Who knew Bodos was a runner? Not Wilson! Moops is a much better name! So, the conversation at ET’s was great and the group there is proposing a naming procedure change. FNG has to show up to two workouts to get named. This could cause a bit of discussion, but we all thought it was a good idea as most good names come from some time and conversation! Would love to hear the PAX and their thoughts. Have a great day and try to stay dry!

  8. I like the two post minimum but I can see the downside. Something about getting a name right away is like instantly joining the group of “insiders”. I think there are more pros than cons for the two post minimim though.

  9. This came up today in Arlington. The official F3 rule is to get a name on one’s second post. That’s what they went with at their launch today. Sounds like a great Q today. Sorry to have missed it.

  10. Good rapid fire Qs. Great to get a sample of guys that haven’t Q’d like Posh, Hitchhiker, and Bodos. Moops is a great name.
    I think the 2 post rule will work well. Great time sitting outside at ETs, gets the day started right.

  11. Let me offer a different perspective on when we name FNGs.

    If the goal is to find better names, we can solve that by reminding Qs that they can change the name afterwards. And, the Q should take the time to listen to the PAX and consider renaming. This seems to be a lost art. I’m pretty sure I was Chip, Chunk, and who knows what else before UpChuck.

    It’s also hard to get to know anyone unless the same folks post both for both an FNG’s first and second posts. And, the Q will have the same issue of finding a creative nickname.

    The real benefit to naming on the first post is the immediate welcome to our little fraternity. The membership requirements are show up, complete the workout, and you are in…full membership for free on day 1. That’s a nice and powerful way to welcome someone to F3!

  12. I was chatting with someone on the concept of their being a rule on this…it’s raining, and I’m a geek, so I looked up the passage in Freed to Lead.

    …Freed to Lead…the Kindle Edition about 7% in…”A man is only an FNG at the very beginning of his first workout. At the end of the workout, at the COT, the Q gives the FNG his F3 name,…”. It then goes onto describe how the name is supposed to stick, but the Q can change it.

    It then goes on to say that the best nicknames are Quick&Dirty, Insulting, and Obscurely Referential.

    Is part of the frustration people have mentioned with falling short on the three things that make for a great nickname?

  13. Maybe we only name FNGs first day if DK is there? He usually nails the naming.

  14. So, business as usual, with a little more leniency on the changing of the name? Sounds like a plan. Not so much a rule, but a state of mind.

    Oh man, I really hope that “Moops” becomes a regular! That’s almost as funny as Sugar Sock….because I still chuckle at that one. Also, Tramp Stamp was an awesome name. Toga nailed that one.