Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Flashdance’s Jazzercise and Coffee House


Nine regulars lined up before the doors opened in anticipation of what might be the final sips of coffee served at Flashdance’s Jazzercise and Coffee House, Richmond location. 05:30, doors opened. PAX stormed in to grab a table for 10, saving a seat for Hardywood who was parking the car.

Mosey to the bottom of Twin Team. All ten seats are filled. YHC introduced himself as today’s Barista and the house was open for business.

Helicopters: 12 / Cherry Pickers: 12/ SSH’s: 12/ Elbow Plank for :60.

Small talk is over. Time to place orders and pay. Mosey to the top of Twin Team Hill.

Today’s Menu: Crab Walk / Bear Crawl / SSH’s / Lunges

Start with crab walk or bear crawl. Both were free, thanks to Flashdance’s generosity. Pax placed their orders and proceeded down the hill until their drinks got cold and needed to order new ones. Those who started with crab walk did 5 merkins then transitioned to bear crawl. Those who started with bear crawl did 10 WWIIs then commenced with crab walk. Repeato to the bottom of the hill (last mail box on the right). At PAX’s option, they could purchase 10 lunges for 50 SSH’s. That purchase could only be made after the completion of a cycle of drinks on the house (crab walks and bear crawls).

PAX reached the bottom of the hill with six minutes to spare. We moseyed aimlessly on our way back to the flag to fill the six minutes. YHC took us out.


YHC looked at the work schedule last night around 8:00 and saw that no one was scheduled to open up shop this morning, so I volunteered to come in. It’ was great to see customers already lined up in anticpation of the menu, when I pulled into the parking lot.

Once drinks were served, PAX took a seat at a table for 10. Chit Chat was great. Although at one point, YHC heard some insensitive remarks. Everyone should know by now that we don’t tolerate insensitivity here at Flashdance’s Jazzercise and Coffee House. We had to close shop for an afternoon to impart training. PAX had to take ten lunges back up the hill. Shakedown wanted to see the legal terms so YHC referred him to Gumbo, in-house counsel for Flashdance’s Jazzercise and Coffee House. Training ended and we were back in business. At least twice YHC instilled positivity into the house environment, and announced flash sales. Most of the PAX bought in, and purchased 20 lunges for 50 SSHs. Hardywood doesn’t like flash sales, so he opted out.

We all have strengths and weaknesses, at least YHC has plenty of weaknesses. Today we learned of Flipper’s strength. This! Whatever we did today, he crushed it. He finished well ahead of the PAX and came backup the hill for more punishment. Way to go Flipper!. Nice work Hardywood on staying in your chair the entire time. No need to buy gimmicks like lunges. True men take their coffee black. Excellent work! Apologies to Gumbo for not serviing a diet (shoulder) friendly menu. Way to push through despite your dietary restrictions. You might need to see an allergist for that. I think Flipper is your guy.

To all of the PAX, thank you for letting me insist that we get it all out and dig deep today, and try something new. I really needed it, and I hope y’all appreciated the service. Remember to tip your waiters and waitresses.

Flashdance served actual coffee post beatdown, and camaraderie was enjoyed/appreciated by the PAX. Flashdance is leaving us in a month or so. Make an effort to spend some time with him before he heads down to FL. He’s good people, and YHC has enjoyed getting to know him.


Puppy Pile 6/23 at Dogpile / July 4th Convergence at Tredegar / Summer Tour has started.

Congratulations. I knew the record would stand until it was broken – Yogi Berra









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  1. Vinny, great Q. Love trying new things, even if they are a 3/4 mile bear crawl. or 10 miles. something like that.

    Flipper, way to rock that thing. Got to give props to Hardywood, too, who kept pace with the likes of Rosie running up the hill, and was behind only Flipper, who clearly had an entire box of Wheaties this morning, on the way down. Flashdance, enjoyed the coffee and second F time. We’re gonna miss you!

    See you boys at Dogpile.

  2. Wow, I was not mentally (or physically) prepared for a return to Twin Team hill this morning. In my pre-0530 semi-conscious state, I was certain that we were headed to the high school or the river (i.e., FLAT GROUND) today. Frankly, a little Jazzercise would have been ideal!

    No, Vinny, great idea and a great way to end the work week and earn our Flashdance-sponsored on-site coffeeteria. Great job by everyone getting up the hill expeditiously and down the hill any darn way you could…both ways hurt.

    Thanks Flashdance. Appreciate the coffee and the effort brother!

  3. Flipper, Hardywood and Sugar Sock are bear crawl beasts. If I had any idea that was how we were going to go down the hill, I would have taken a lot longer to go up it. If any plan could be great and terrible a the same time it was that one, nice work Vinny. Get em going in Arlington tomorrow.

  4. Deep in the F3 books it says that not knowing what is coming next is how it should be. I’ll take this as a high compliment. 🙂

  5. Great Q Vinny. Very ambitious and love the creativity. To prevent further hill punishment I’ll be providing your M with a metal tea pitcher. Thanks Flashdance for bringing the coffee. Great job to all who conquered the hill. I am smoked!

  6. That was a killer Q Vinny!!!

    BOOM I am done for the day!!! the coffee shop was open for 30 minutes with some F2/3 good times.

  7. Great Job Vinny. Every now and then this type of endurance event is a blessing, not saying I want a steady diet of it but that really was fun. I finally spoke to Flashdance for the first time today only to find out he’s leaving, it was a pleasure and you kept me motivated, so I could stop hating Vinny while you told your USMC stories. You fellers in the front missed the comment to Shakedown (after removing his shirt just to show off) that the last guy who did nekkid’ SSHs on a road in RVA wound up getting shot. And then Hardywood pulls out the tear jerker story during the coffee clatch; good times Gents, good times.

  8. Thanks Rosco. That was my thinking as well. I’m glad I’m still in your good graces.

  9. I was just tired of my shirt in my mouth as I bearcrawled the whole way – no ? for me. Oh, and it was hot. Lol

    Good fun guys.

  10. I have often wondered if I could bear crawl 1 mile… well thanks to Vinny I got my answer today…. not yet…. thanks for the fellowship fellas just got me right for the day…. Great Q that is the kind of beatdown that really tests you from the neck up… well done by all #neverquit… a combination of Hardywood’s heavy breathing and Shakedowns question about my stick figure legs motivated me down that hill…shakedown just kidding…Flashdance my Chiropractic brother Love you

  11. Damn… asks a brother a question and gets put on blast ?

    To be completely accurate – my question couldn’t have motivated you all that much since you were on your second or maybebthird trip down the hill by that time.

    You are a badass Flipper and your experiences growing up just helped create that badass that you are ???