Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Oh man, there’s sweat in my ear


8 RVA men broke the hold of the fartsack to cut through the humidity at No Toll this morning.


Warmup (all IC): 20 x SSH, 10 x Don Quixote, 10 x Helicopters, guest Q by flashdance for some arm circles (we are going to miss you!), 20 x LBC

Check Ladder: single, double, triple, quadruple check in the parking lot, ascending only.  Runners take a lap, others complete exercises. For the single, take a lap as a group.  For the double, non runner on LBC, repeato x2.  For the triple, non runners on LBC and WW2, repeato x 3.  For the quadruple, non runners on merkins, flutter kicks, derkins on the curb, repeato x 4.

Giant luggage carousel: mosey to playground, line up on the landscaping timbers surrounding playground area. As a group, curb crawl counter-clockwise.  At each bench, front man pulls off and does dips on the bench until PAX goes by and then jumps on back of line.  Plan was to go until each man completes a round of dips, and reverso, but we ran out of time.  Might have to try that again sometime, but earlier in the workout.

numberama, namearama

Announcements:  Flashdance is working on coffee again after Twin Team, so come on out and get some second F time in.  Also, summer challenge is on: visit all AOs by Labor Day.

Flashdance took us out.

Moleskin: excellent work this morning, men. Had a smaller group than anticipated, but the energy and mumblechatter were excellent (Flashdance pushed so hard, sweat was dripping into his ear!) and it proved a good time to try something new and use the playground area.  I had been thinking about using those timbers since hanging there watching my kids play a while back and was glad to break it out today.


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  1. Great job Sugar Sock, this looks like a solid beatdown. My alarms were still set for convergence time, I’m so sorry to miss this one.

  2. Well done gents. Sugar Sock, the Giant Luggage Carousel sounds both fun and terrible…very creative. Remind me to avoid that until I get my new bionic shoulder. See you SOJ boys at Midlo Middle tomorrow for SOT.

  3. Nice Q, my man. I was still a little beat up from Brown’s Island and home chores yesterday, but couldn’t resist another beat down from the man who got me hooked up with F3! I may have to take a nap during lunch break today…well done.

  4. Nice beatdown Sugar Sock! The check ladder was no joke and I was good and sweaty spent by the time we got to the giant luggage carousel.

  5. Glad to hear. Would have hated for that to be on my conscience leading up to your ultra.