Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Another great Memorial Day beatdown


45 from around VA came down to Belle Isle for a Memorial Day convergence. Weather was 70, sunny, and plenty humid.  We did:

Head to Browns Island for COP:  Invisible Jumprope, Don Qs, Merkins, Scorpion Kicks, Flutterkicks, & 10 Burpees.  Split the PAX into 2 groups:  Gumbo took one group and Spit the other.

YHC stayed with Gumbo and we did Triple Check: Dips, JumpSquats, and Run bridge.  Then run around Island and stop for 2 burpees every lightpost.  Q was passed to Flatline.  We did Buddy carry and PLTs across field.  bOB took Q and had us Bear Crawl across field (his apparent superpower) and stop for WWIs.

Oyster took Q and dropped another Triple Check of Derkins, Squats, and run across island.  Saab then gave us 11s of HR Merkins and Heels2Heaven.  Head back over Bridge then stop for Crab Walk down street & 10 reverse Crunches until audible back to flag.  Then up hill to VA War Memorial.  20 Merkins up top.  Back down and Gomer Pyle took us out in COT.

NMS – This Memorial Day tradition keeps getting better each year.  45 PAX strong.  Looks like Swirly played nice and passed the Q along with his PAX.  I’ll let those guys detail in comments.  Great words from Gomer Pyle in the COT and nice to remember by name those fallen in the line of duty for us and our country.

The CVille PAX was fiesty as they stayed in our split PAX.  Beedle put us all to shame but good to find out he is a 26 yr old Army officer. For some reason our PAX stayed on Browns Island and got totally filthy rolling around on the dirt.

Great work by our 2.0 FNGs Timex & Van Winkle.  Also good to have Sippy’s 2.0 out and Bootleg’s 2.0 who was the only female present amongst our 45.

Enjoy the rest of this Memorial Day and take a moment to remember how lucky we are as Americans thanks to those who sacrificed their lives for this great country.

Announcements:  Tour De RVA has strarted, sign up on the spreadsheet.  Also Puppy Pile is back on for 6/23 at Dogpile with Sippy taking the lead.


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  1. Great work this morning everyone. Brown’s Island and the whole area down along he river is such an amazing AO with so much to explore and so much pain to dish out. Memorial Day convergence is one of my favorites, but we should try to get down there more often.

    Amazing to see so many folks out today. The chatter and fellowship was strong. I loved it. Great having the Cvill PAX out with us today. The Western Front is in good hands.

    Great job coordinating HomeyDo. Awesome words taking us out Gomer!

  2. What an amazing experience this was. I missed last year and will not miss another! Well done by all who Q’d! (not to start any BIG DATA controversy, but only one Q was listed and therefore getting data) Those hills are no joke. I think I blacked out at one point and I hear “Hardywood, its your Q!” WTF we only have 7 minutes left………………………….. What ever happened to 7 minutes of Mary. Then I learned we needed to get up that hill! Good call Hardywood. It’s been a while since I have been a part of F3 and I continue to meet new PAX. I LOVE that! Welcome to all the new folks. Your gonna love everything about F3! These guys are amazing!

    Have a great finish to you holiday weekend! See you in the gloom soon. Unless I pull a Wilson and Fartsack!

  3. Wow!! My 100th post since I started F3 in late October could not have been any better! What a beatdown! Great fellowship and faith as well. Great words Gomer Pyle and way to lead us Honeydo. To all that Q’d my group, well done. Glad to meet Cville pax. They know how to hustle! Thanks for giving us a moment of silence on top of that hill over looking the city and the James. What a sight! Let’s all be fortunate that we had so many hero’s make the ultimate sacrifice for us so that we can enjoy this day and every day!!

  4. Convergence workout always a blast! Glad to see great showing today. Here is the recap from 2nd PAX (best I can remember):

    YHC was given the Q from Honey Do: Moesy off Brown’s Island to the closest hill. 11’s – WWII sit-ups and Squats.

    Pass he Q to Swirly: Head back to Brown’s Island to the steps. 20 Dips, 15 decline Merkins, then Polar Bear across brown Island (seemed to be close to 50 yds)

    Pass the Q to Gomer Pyle: mosey to Tredegar. 3 rounds of 4 corners – 10 Merkins, 20 WWII sit-ups, 30 (2ct) flutter kicks, 40 squats

    Pass the Q to Upchuck: Get in groups of 4 – Run around the parking lot, run up the stairs, balls to the wall, and Abyss Merkins. Partner Up – Abyss Merkins and run to touch to the walls

    Pass the Q to Hardywood: mosey to the hill to Memorial and complete burpees at each light pole increase by 1 each time. 10 Burpees completed at the end.

  5. Forgot to say kudos to Gomer Pyle for running to the AO from the west end, or at least he looked like it drenched in sweat already at 6:50. Also looks like Kubota just volunteered to head another convergence for 4th of July.

  6. Man! What an awesome morning. Big thanks to Honeydo for showing his consistent leadership and thanks to the CVille crew for making the trip. Gomer Pyle, that was a powerful way to end the workout.

    My favorite moment at ETs. I heard from one of the CVille pax that he got into F3 because he picked up a backpacker on the AT who needed a lift. It turned out that backpacker was from F3 Greensboro and within a couple minutes was talking about F3. A few days later the CVille Pax had posted for his first AO and a few weeks after that he was signed up to Q a workout. He shared with us how much F3 had made a difference for him, particularly at this season of his life. He wrapped up the story by saying “it’s funny, when I stopped to pickup the backpaker I was just trying to help him out. It turns out he was the one who helped me and I didn’t even know I need help.”

    On my new drivers license, I am putting down F3 positive for my new blood type. Aye!

  7. I was humbled by Monday’s beatdown! Honeydo, thanks for taking lead and to Big Data….I participated in the hot potato Q too. Just saying….
    Back to being humbled….I was in on the conversation with Hardywood and C-ville PAX member. I tell you boys, I will never forget that story!! Humbling to be part of this group!!
    At the COT, I had a brain fart….Thank you to Major Charles Ransom, VMI Class of 2001 and local Midlo Boy! You are not forgotten Charles! Thank you to all who have served!
    For Our Heroes, God Bless in The Heavens!

  8. That’s amazing story!!! Thanks for that I needed to hear that today!!!!