Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hardywood’s Coffee Brings All The Boys To The Yard


14 warriors emerged from the gloom: some, to defeat Twin Team Hill; others, following the olfactory siren song of coffee emanating from the back of Hardywood’s vehicle. One was drawn in all the way from NC.

Either way, we got sweaty.

Mosey across Robious to Twin Team, COP @ bottom. SSH, DQ, helo, something on the ground (YHC forgets).

PAX ran to the top of Twin Team, marking five spots along the way. On the way down, perform 20x of prescribed exercise at each marked spot. From the top down: burpees, WWIIs, lunges, 2x flutterkicks, merkins. After PAX completed one set together, each man went at his own pace for round two, with a little extra credit thrown in at the end.

Mosey back to Weaver for a little Man vs Bear. Groups of 3: wheelbarrow racing a bear crawler. In case you were wondering, the bear always wins. End with a quick round of Mary before moseying back to the flag.


YHC issued an apology to the PAX for his lack of a theme. The usual custom is, look for important events on that date and create exercises to commemorate. The perfect theme emerged: the 1977 release of Star Wars Episode IV. Unfortunately, the pressure proved too great, and YHC found himself paralyzed by his own expectations.

I believe 14 is a Twin Team record! Huge props to Hardywood for not only bringing the boys with promise of coffee, but doing it in style. Dude pulled out a giant cooler full of piping hot water, and multiple French presses. Just because you’re in a parking lot, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality – let it be a lesson to us all.


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  1. Great Q, Mr. Holland! Twin Team is no joke, my first (and second) time up it. Flipper said it best, right when you feel like you got donkey kicked in the chest, it turns and gets steeper.
    Really enjoyed a little Second F and coffee after the beatdown. We should make that more of a thing. Thanks for the effort there, Hardywood!

  2. Great Q Mr Holland. No theme necessary, just pain. My hammies are feeling Twin Team today something fierce.

    Great to have such a large PAX at TT. Coffeeteria on-site was genius. Thanks Hardywood!!

  3. Boom! What a beat down Mr. Holland. That hill is bo joke. The tip of the cap goes to Flashdance who provided a much needed coffee pick me up post Mary. It was so much fun that I thought I share the next day. I’m in for next Friday!! Bring a mug, chair and headlock some one. Aye!

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