Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Grab your sack and hold on tight. Opus VQ


28 showed up this morning for the Opus VQ at Dogpile — here is what went down…

Don Quixotes
Combo exercises —
5 Plank Jacks, 5 merkins 5x
5 WW2 Situps, 5 Freddie Mercuries 5x
5 flutterkicks, 5 scissor kicks 5x
5 copperhead squats, 5 pistol squats

Mosey to the bathhouse for a triple check–
1 person runs to the service road and back, 1 does Donkey Kicks, 1 does an ab exercise of their choosing

Mosey to the hill behind amphiteatre —
supposed to be a mountain with a partner consisting of
100 jump squats, 200 mountain climbers, 300 amercian hammers, 200 mountain climbers, 100 jump squats
modified to finish with the amercian hammers for the sake of time

Mosey to the field (once YHC found it with the help of Saab)
Old fashioned relay race.  3 teams.
Sack race to first cone, bear crawl to second cone, sprint to third cone, sprint back to second cone, bear crawl to first cone, sack back to the start.
All others were doing SSH, LBC’s and other exercises while waiting

Grab stuff head to the amphiteatre–
round of skull crushers 10 each side
2 rounds of 4×4 merkins (4 derkins, 4 merkins on one side, 4 upward merkins, 4 merkins other side)

Back to the flag…
Numberama, Nameorama, Announcements, etc.

Announcements —
7 AM convergence at Tredegar Monday morning!  Be there!
24 AO’s — 104 or so days to get to all of them.  Did Phonics say we could earn a cool patch for competing the Summer Challenge??


It has been two years since YHC has been coming out to these F3 beatdowns — YHC made it a goal at the beginning of this year to Q a Dogpile workout before the end of the year.  Check.  Next goal?  Hit some different AO’s this summer.
YHC had a few butterflies this morning on the ride over, but once it got going the butterflies were gone.
YHC purposely left his glasses in the car so he could read the Weinke, but that led to getting lost a few times.  Thanks Saab for the help finding the field for the relay race (or at least I think it was Saab??)

Naming new folks was especially difficult this morning.  Every time we would settle on a name, it was shot down.  We had to rename the new folks several times bc the original names were too… sketchy?  too long?  who knows?  Wilson kept pushing for Amber Alert… YHC liked Reading Rainbow… We settled on The Graduate — some story about Seymour and the new kid were at a graduation last night (they didn’t know each other before this) and Seymour out of the blue just invites this guy to F3.  “Hey little kid, come out and meet me at Dogwood Dell early in the morning, oh and bring your gloves”  And the guy came.  Welcome to the graduate.
The other trouble was with Chief — he was originally named Bromance by some deviant in the group, bc YHC knows the dude’s brother and the conversation went on too long, so there ya go.  We nixed Bromance and went with Chief bc we are fellow Monacan grads!  I am the Q, dammit.  I pick the names so no more complaining. 🙂

YHC loves relay races at F3 — we should do more of them…  It was especially fun getting to tell everyone this morning to grab their sacks and get moving.  Hardest part of the relay by far was watching everyone try to get themselves in the sacks!!

Thanks guys for making this morning really entertaining!



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  1. Nice Q, Opus! Congrats on 2 years! We accomplished a lot in 60 minutes this morning even with all the Mumblechatter! And it was a lot of Mumblechatter!! Great partner work Flipper, Hutton and Opus. Relay races were fun. See all you boys on Monday!

  2. Well Done Opus. You are now a Veteran. Will be sore for a while! Lost three pounds (literally.) Great to see so many Dogpile “gentlemen” again!

  3. Great VQ at Dogpile! Glad to finally have you in that mix. Thanks to Phonics, Pavarotti, and Opus for partnering with me today. Welcome to The Graduate and Chief. Hope to have you back soon. Don’t judge us on how hard it was to name you.

  4. Great Q Opus….The up and down hill work was an absolute smoker. Well done (you really didn’t need the weinke now did you…)

    Your serpentine-style mosey suddenly made sense when you informed us you were without your glasses. (I can still hear Wilson saying… “where is he headed now?”….)

  5. The Carpenter on

    Well done, Opus! You crafted quite a beatdown to share this morning. I’m sorry that I missed it in light of still healing up my foot from stepping on a nail. I am hoping to be ready by Monday for the convergence.

  6. Stepped on a nail? Seems a little too symbolic to me. Next you’ll tell us you walked on water.

  7. Great Q Opus. I can not tell you how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and you enthusiasm for F3. We are lucky men to have you lead us today. Great 3rd F this morning. Thanks to Upchuck and Gomer for the excellent conversation. See you punks Monday.

  8. Great Q opus. Yes you were the Q. i get the naming thing. Like Blue Balls & Kevin Bacon, they will always be Bromance & Amber Alert, just called some other name!

    The sack race was a blast. F3 always loves some competition! Your running path was a riot.

  9. Nice Q, Opus. Way to bring your own style today. The hill run packed a wallop, for sure.

    The Graduate. That’s pretty solid as a name. Multiple meanings all wrapped in one…

    Welcome chief, small c. unfortunately, Chief is my Ms nickname. I may have to call you something else. How about I just call you Phil?

    Great 2nd F, boys.

  10. Opus, great work…..i remember da weinke on my virgin Q. The Mountain was burner!!!! Why call an audible? Welcome Chief and The Graduate….Bromance was terrible!! To the PAX, nice work!!!
    Loud and Proud-.-.-.Flatline