Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Up Iris…But Avoid Swirly’s Hole


13 runners managed to conquer the uphill exit from Spider Run, via Fairway, Robin and Iris, and it appears that all managed to also avoid Swirly’s Hole.

This was the first time, since Swirly found said hole on a RAMM run, that YHC has been on Iris.  It may not be Hillcrest or Twin Team, but that exit from Spider Run up to Three Chopt via Iris packs a punch, especially right out of the gate.  Nevertheless, the PAX crushed it and crushed the miles that followed today.  Great job everyone.

Remainder of the route:

  • 4-milers: cross Three Chopt, immediate right on Henri (or the Bridgets parking lot) up to Grove, left on Grove to Libbie, Left on Libbie to Patterson, Left on Patterson to St. Christophers, Left on St. Christophers back to Three Chopt, but take a Right on the little access road that crosses Three Chopt and becomes Towana.  Towana to College, left at the campus entrance and immediate right onto Richmond Way, downhill past the Law School and football stadium and back to the Flag.
  • 5-milers: same as the 4 milers but stay on Grove until Oak.  Left on Oak to Patterson and back.
  • 6-milers: stay on Grove to Westmoreland, Left on Westmoreland to Patterson, Left on Patterson back to St. Christophers.  Instead of returning to the flag via Towana and College, stay straight across Three Chopt and return via Tapoan and Fairway.

COT, COR, NOR and YHC took us out.


  • SOT has a new AO – Midlothian Middle School – starting tomorrow.
  • Memorial Day Convergence – 0700 at Tredegar/Browns’ Island parking lot.  One hour, Hot Potato so post and bring an idea…in case Swirly actually passes the Q this time.
  • Ghost Flag will be up for grabs tomorrow at WDog.  Shakedown has the Q and is celebrating his 1-year F3 Anniversary.  Should be good times.
  • By the sounds of it, there is an epic little league battle brewing at Richmond Little League for this afternoon…all situational strategies should be sent to BT and Marv today for use tonight.


  • Bleeder got a head start, TYA got a late start, all returned unscathed…sweaty as hell, but unscathed.
  • Swiper fought with ideas of 6 miles but ultimately compromised by slaying the 5-mile route with a little navigational help from YHC — good thing you stayed vaguely within shouting distance.
  • Saab started on fire and finished on fire.
  • Grunt returned to F3 from a hiatus for that little inconvenience called college, and crushed five miles with his pops.  Great seeing you guys finish strong together.

A pleasure running with you men this morning.  Have a great day!

No More Gumbo for You!


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  1. Great run guys.

    Shakedown, thanks for pulling me along brother. Give ’em hell tomorrow and congrats on 1-year man!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Bleeder – thanks for using your mojo and getting the commons to open up – wow that was a close one !
    Always good to avoid Swirlys hole fellas !
    Great route Gumbo. Enjoyed running with you most of the way BT!
    Always a pleasure to have Grunt back @ F3 thanks to those of you that welcomed him back home – awesome to run with him – hard to explain – just is a cool feeling – my goal is to be able to do that as long as I freaken can .
    What a great morning – really enjoyed your words to close us out Gumbo – well said brother.
    See y’all in the gloom..

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Congrats on the 1 year Shakedown – well done dude – keep it up !

  4. Thanks Gumbo! We were making pretty good time this morning. 8:16/mile is what we averaged.

    Always good to run with you (especially so when you are the Q and I am only vaguely aware of the route’s directions).

  5. Big Tennessee on

    Another great morning for a run. That first mile is a ball buster. Always good to run with Swirly, and always really good to avoid Swirly’s hole. Gumbo and Shakedown continue to fly on Tuesdays, well done fellas. Marv is gonna freak when my “4th grader” from Cuba takes the hill tonight!

  6. You got Danny Alvarez on the bump? Nice work. Make sure he shaves before the game.

    Good luck tonight gentlemen. Hope the weather holds out for the game.

  7. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Bartolo Colon JR aka (Ricky) – on the hill for BT tonight – Give em the heater Ricky !!!