Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Just a swingin’


3 Gregarious guys galloped into the heart of Daville this morning and bravely fought the torrential downpours to make it through another F3 workout.  Oh wait, that was just my sweat.  Sorry for the hyperbole.

Here is what went down:
COP — SSH, Tempo Merkins, Arm Circles, DQ, Split Jacks
10 merkins for a break along the way…
Longish mosey to the jungle gym for the 1st triple check.

Partner 1 run to second fence, partner 2 flutterkicks, partner 3 does lean outs on the swing (hands on swing, move swing away from you, hold for 3-5 seconds, repeato)

2nd Triple Check  (not in the original plans) —
Partner 1 bear crawls to 1st fence and back, partner 2 does heels to heaven, partner 3 does merkins one hand on each swing

More running….

Introduce Pick 2 to the hill behind the stadium
Partner 1 runs up and down the hill while the other guys do squats.  Rotate through.
Partner 1 runs up and down hill while the rest of us do SSH.  Rotate through.

Try to hurry back to the flag — where does the time go?
Decision to stop and do the numberama, namearama, etc. before we make it back.
Helix takes off like a bat outta hell back to his car.  Pick Two and YHC saunter back…

Ghost Flag at WDog…

1) Summer humidity sucks.
2) Pick Two got his truck back after $1100 in repairs after hitting a bear way back in November.  Hitting a bear
3) Sorry for being so late.  I had so much planned we didn’t even get to do….
4) Thanks for letting YHC lead.  The swing set exercises will be coming back…

Peace out


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  1. Great workout. Haven’t been to the playground in a while. Those swing exercises were rough!