Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

One if by land, two if by sea


One pax by land went to find the other 2 pax by sea…ok, we were on land also….but poetic license and stuff.  He did not, but he gets credit for the attempt.

Route:  The two by sea drifted by the currents down the hill to meet up with “friend of Shakedown” for a handoff of substances….we both sampled said substances and tested it out across the Mayo Bridge, T. Potter, pipeline, then up the hill to touch Washington for around 4 miles and extra steps not GPS compatible.  Wheelbarrow came up with his own route.

NMS:  Wheelbarrow texted Lab Rat late and we had no idea he was heading out to meet us, so we never looked him up.  Shakedown did some shady handoffs downtown, but was kind enough to share, so it’s all good!  It was a good day to ruin lunch in the cubicle, although we sweat enough to make it look like we jumped in the river.  Summertime is creeping!

Great run, sorry to miss you Wheelbarrow.  Next time!

Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Wheelbarrow on

    That’s what I get for being 3 minutes late! Couldn’t find parking – ended up running down Broad to 18th, then over to Dock and hopped on the Canal Walk down to Brown’s Island and back. Ended up right at 3 miles and complete by 12:05.

  2. Lab Rat! We need a comma between our names in the PAX list… it’s given us a weird alias of “Lab Rat Shakedown” which sounds messy.