Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“The Institute Will Be Heard From Today”


YHC will always remember today. And yes, my alma mater is not a college but an Institution! YHC arrived with one vehicle ahead….Flashdance, go figure!! The Flag was planted and YHC visited with Flashdance while awaiting the PAX to show up. 14 men posted this morning to celebrate with YHC, get it all out, and  start our morning in a glorious way!! 0530…..5 burpees OYO while YHC awaited an FNG to roll in hot and join the PAX for virgin post!!

Mosey to parking lot next to soccer fields for COP…. x 11 Don Quixote’s, x 11 Imperial Walkers, x 18 Copperhead Squats, x 39 SSH. 11/11/1839. x 11 LBC, x 11 Freddie Mercuries, x 18 Box Cutters, x 39 Flutter Kicks. 11/11/1839.. Time to mosey to endline of soccer field.

10 x 15….Run the length of soccer field, AYG, and await for ALL PAX to finish, x 15 Merkins. Repeat for total of 10 lengths of the field. Last run, 19 merkins completed. 10 sprints and 154 merkins!!

Ascending Four Corners with Descending Four Corners…..corner 1, x 5 burpees. Run to corner 2, x 5 burpees and x 15 LBC’s. Run to corner 3, x 5 burpees, x 15 LBC’s, x 18 Mountain Climbers (single count). Run to corner 4, x 5 burpees, x 15 LBC’s, x 18 Mountain Climbers (single count), x 64 SSH…5/15/1864. Time to descend….same corner, x 64 SSH, x 18 Moutain Climbers, x 15 LBC’s, x 5 Burpees. Run to corner 3, x 18 Mountain Climbers, x 15 LBC’s, x 5 burpees. Run to corner 2, x 15 LBC’s, x 5 burpees. Run to corner 1, x 5 burpees!

And time to spare!! Partner up at the endline of the soccer field!

Partner carry to midfield line….each partner x 10 flutter kicks (single count) at midfield. Switch partners and carry to end line…each partner x 10 flutter kicks. Switch and carry partner back to midfield….each partner x 10 flutter kicks. Switch and carry partner to end line….x 10 flutter kicks. Mosey back to the flag.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements,-,-,-Winklevoss and his M are expecting! Golf Tourney Friday, see Wilson and rain or shine! HDHH, tomorrow at Independence Golf, range 1730-1830. Tavern 19 after for refreshments! SOT will be on the move..

YHC took us out!

NMS: 11/11/1839-founding date of VMI. 5/15/1864-Battle of New Market which VMI Corps of Cadets fought in at New Market, VA. 10 cadets lost their lives and today marks 154 anniversary of the battle.  YHC is just as thankful to have F3 in his life as he is a graduate of VMI, member of the Class of 1998, and life lessons learned from The Institute!! VMI is the ONLY Corps of Cadets in the history of the US to battle in war and lose the lives of cadets!!

Beast (FNG) glad you posted this morning and YHC looks forward to seeing you at many more workouts! Welcome to F3!!

Rosie, thank you for keeping count this morning at COP as YHC worked up to 39 SSH and 39 Flutter Kicks….rest of the PAX was silent!!

Men, we have the ability each day to do something awesome and inspire those who may be lacking hope! 154 years ago, young boys did something awesome and inspired hope, I honor them today!

Thank you for following my lead this morning and God Bless! Only those who post understand!!

Loud and Proud,



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  1. Those sprints plus merkins were something, man oh man. Honeymoon and Rosie were off to the races and Oyster was flying as usual, when he felt like it. Great work guys.

    Welcome Beast! Impressive showing today. Hope to see you back out soon.

    Enjoyed paying homage to your (mental?) Institute, Flatline. Thanks for leading.

  2. Holy Sprints Flatline. That was a smoker. Beast held his own on his first post, hope to see him out again soon. Great to have Ollivander back out after conquering Boston and a mountainous 50k. Time to work on that upper body Ollivander.

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