Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Blast From the Past at River Run


Rosie cruised into the parking lot around 0525 and YHCs plan to speedwalk for 45 minutes went down the drain.  Instead, YHC called for a little trek through his neighborhood and a couple of short/steep hills to work out some lactic acid from the run-heavy weekend.  Despite the soreness from my inaugural trail run, we managed a decent pace (for me at least) and completed 5.42 miles.

Along the way (up the worst hill), YHC was passed by another runner who looked like he was out for a Sunday stroll…”Hey Mike….oh, hey David.”  Yep, in true RVA fashion, the passing runner went to high school with YHC and Rosie and then to JRHS with Splinter.  He ran with us for about a mile and half and continued on up Twin Team and back to his home.  You KNOW Rosie laid down a mile and a half of a flying EH. Hopefully we will see him post for a River Run in the near future – or at least one so that his place on the 2019 SOJ CSAUP Team can be cemented #CSAUPRecruitingHasBegun

Great morning for a run.  Thanks Rosie.

Enjoy the weather this week gents.  The forecast looks great!

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  1. Good pace and good company Gumbo, I always forget how steep that last hill is. We’ll keep working on David, he would be a good addition to the CSAUP.