Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

21 Gun Birthday Salute


21 of RVA’s finest came out for good weather, a workout, and chance to steal a Ghost Flag.

Mosey up to the sea of blacktop for COP:

  • Don Quixote (slow style for Saab)
  • Helicopters
  • SSH (43)
  • Russian Soliders
  • HRM (which turned to regular Merkins upon YHC ingesting a pollen cloud )

Up to the field for Dora 1-2-3:

  • 100 Copperhead Squats
  • 200 Box Cutters
  • 300 Scissors (2-ct)
  • Partner runs across the field and back

Elbow Plank

Down the road to the bottom of Lindsay for Lindsays:

  • 30 2-ct Mountain Climbers
  • bear crawl 5 paces
  • 10 Scorpions
  • bear crawl 5 paces
  • Repeat until the 30/10 ratio is 10/30.

Partner up for some catch me if you can up the hill.  Partner 1 runs backwards and Partner 2 does 5 burpees and runs to catch him.  Reverso and repeato until you reach the top.

Elbow Plank

Mosey over to the green grass of the horseshoe.

  • 20 left oblique crunches
  • 20 right oblique crunches
  • 20 PLT
  • 7 4-ct BooYah merkins
  • Repeato

Circle up for Merkin Ring of Fire.  Pax member calls 1, 3, or 5 quantity of a style of Merkin for the Pax to perform.  One cannot repeat what the prior person called.

YHC took us out.


Nothing like spring light to illuminate the Hoedown AO.  Perhaps the first time we have had light and no rain.  Perfect for seeing all of the tripping hazards.

The Pax was strong today.  The oblique crunches offered the Pax a dilemma: spooning someone or face to face.  Multiple opinions were rendered on approaches, but regardless, it was good Keymaster was not there to crop dust in this scenario.

With 21 Pax present, we had 3 from SOJ, 3 from DaVille, and 1 form Richmond Proper.  How to break the tie?  YHC decided that SOJ and DaVille would each put forth one person for a 20 rep burp-off.  Shakedown and Spit were the representatives and the they were off!  Aided by form in which he seemed to pounce straight up and land like a cat in burpee position, Shakedown pulled ahead slightly taking home the flag for SOJ!  Well done Spit and Shakedown. Way to represent!


  • Shakedown (and Mr. Holland?) are shaving their heads for a good cause.  (https://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/mypage/984556/2018)
  • Puppy Pile on 5/19 – Hot potato Q for the 2.0s.
  • Ghost Flag rules for those interested : http://f3rva.org/2017/07/20/ghost-flag/



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  1. Solid Q this morning Lockjaw! Happy Birthday! Shakedown you were a beast at those Burpees. I tried to keep it close. Thanks also for partnering up during Dora. Way to crush it!

    2nd trip to Hoedown was well worth the drive.

  2. YEE-HAW! Way to represent and snag the Ghost Flag, Shakedown! Strong work.

    Happy Birthday Lockjaw. That was a packed beatdown for sure.

    Additional Announcement: HDHH, May 16 at Independence Golf Club. 5:30-6:30 hit some golf balls, 6:30-? fellowship and beers at Tavern 19.

  3. Happy Birthday, Lockjaw! Great Q, also. Glad to see the Daville boys and SOJ boys at Hoedown this morning! Nice burp-off Shakedown and Spit! Swiper, you run backwards too fast. Enjoyed the trio-booyah merkins Angus and Lockjaw. Have a great Monday all!

  4. Sugar Sock on

    Great work spit and shakedown, way to represent your regions. Happy birthday lockjaw. Great Q, too- nice to visit Hoedown.

  5. Solid Q LJ, and happy birthday. Apologies to Mud Face. When I arrived at the AO to find an unknown truck with a 2.0 inside I thought there was an Amber Alert situation going down.

  6. Good fun Lockjaw – Happy Birthday

    I knew I practiced a lot of burpees for some reason, they had to come in handy at some point 😉 Well done Spit – 20 burpees as fast as you can with 19 guys watching is a hell of a way to start a Monday. I almost fartsacked this morning, glad I didn’t

    Not sure if it will turn up again beforehand but the Ghost Flag will make an appearance at Batteau on May 21st – come feel the pain of FHP and help me celebrate 1 year with F3 for a chance to take it home.

    Thanks to all PAX who have given already and those that will… much like NPR, once the team reaches the $1000 goal I will stop the daily reminders and just pester you at Dogpile once a week. This can be accomplished by donating to my page, my sons page, Mr. Holland’s page, or by joining the team and bringing in another circle of donors. I really appreciate the support guys – the Boy Scout Troop and of course the children who may benefit from your generosity do as well.

    The Team – https://www.stbaldricks.org/teams/TeamParfitt2018/donors#content (currently at $585, so close guys)

    Shakedown – https://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/mypage/984556/2018 (currently at $370 – I also have a $1000 goal but the team goal is more important and all donations to team members count towards the team goal)

    Crikey – https://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/mypage/984683/2018

    Mr. Holland – https://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/mypage/984618/2018 ($0, he’s getting a late start but he’s committed!)

    Thanks for putting up with me gentleman

  7. A hearty happy birthday to you Lockjaw…T-Claps to an icon of the Tuckahoe region. PS. I noticed you did not mention the hand-release merkins during the COP (were they 2 count or 4 count?).

    Good to partner with Fireman Ed and learn a bit about his backstory. You never know when you’ll find a (former) fellow yankee in our midst.

    Thanks to Fudd for withholding his crop dusting until after our first spooning session…that can otherwise just spoil the mood as we all know.

    Shout out to Kubota for call me Kotters…well played sir.

  8. Happy Bday LJ, nice Q! SOJ and Daville guys, thanks for making the trip! Nothing like a burp-off at the end of a solid Hoedown workout…Shakedown was literally bouncing off the ground, I didn’t think that was humanly possible. Nicely done!

    Kubota, Garbage Plate, and Mr. Holland – enjoyed partnering up this A.M.!

  9. Happy birthday to Lockjaw and attaboys to Spit and Shakedown for blasting out those burpees!

  10. I typed out a long reply earlier this morning but it is stuck “in moderation” Anyway, good fun this morning – Happy Birthday LJ. Good work Spit – 20 fast ass burpees in front of 19 guys is a heck of a way to start a Monday.

  11. Happy birthday, LJ. As always, very creative.

    OYO hand release mercan (minus the hand release) and yet in cadence. Oh, heck. Just do 10 on your own…1, 2, 3…one!

    Welcome back, Saaby.

    Nice to partner with Mud Face, Saab, Spit, and Swiper. Good work.

    Kudos to Spit and Shakedown. You guys rock.

  12. Happy Birthday Q Lockjaw…it was good to be back… I haven’t posted in awhile but pretty sure I crushed it…thanks for partnering up Angus and Garbage Plate my name is Flipper I am the gimpy guy that used to post a lot…. good work fellas