Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Kessel Run


Twelve smugglers attempted the Kessel Run today.  Three more runners opted for extended distance pre-workout and another four were on bike.

Here is how we celebrated this “May the Force” edition of RAMM.

As a group, run a warmup through Windsor Farms for about 2.5 miles.  The route roughly resembles the Millennium Falcon in shape.

As we return to the VSF, the Kessel Run commences from the corner of Commonwealth and Grove.

4 milers – Head north on Commonwealth to Augusta and back for 1.7 miles.  Target a 11:20 pace or better.

5 milers – Head east on Grove to Belmont and back for 2.6 miles.  Target a 8:20 pace or better.

6 milers – Head west on Grove to Three Chopt and back for 3.1 miles.  Target 6:45 pace or better.

Labrat took us out.


With the Solo movie coming out and a RAMM Q on May 4, how could YHC pass this up?  It was good to run the first portion as a group.  Pax who never run together on a normal day did so today.  The 6 milers got the full Labrat experience.  Windsor Farms was perfect this morning.

The tempo work impressed me.  The 5s were 8:00 or less for their run.  6s dominated their route and I am certain the 4s crushed it as well.


  • See Shakedown’s prior post for information regarding children’s cancer and his fundraising activities.  Wheelie has a similar effort (feel free to share that information here) involving biking many miles in June.
  • Labrat mentioned something about drinking beer and being cornholed for money.  On his second pass at an explanation, it sounded more like a F3 corn hole tournament at his house in which teams would put in few dollars as the winner’s purse.  He would also brew some beer for the event.  Sounds a little different now, doesn’t it?
  • The Ghost Flag will be at Hoedown on Monday, May 7.  Any challengers coming to take it?

Always Be Tapering,



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  1. Nice job with the route artwork, Lockjaw! It was good to be back a Mumford this morning.

    As I mentioned this morning, I am participating in the Great Cycle Challenge to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. I committed to raising $500 and riding 500 miles in June. 500 miles is definitely a stretch goal. (I am no Abacus!) I am nearly at my fundraising goal, but would love to bless this organization with additional funds. Please check out my page and consider making a donation.


    May the 4th be with you,

  2. Shakedown, I don’t Tweet. Post your St Baldrick’s info here and I’ll check it out.

  3. “The 6 milers got the full Labrat experience” I mean, your welcome.

    Actually, I would bet the story of the day would go to Splinter with the “bats in the belltower” story! Classic.

  4. I didn’t get the full Lab Chuck sandwich experience that sometimes happens on 5 miler routes, but it was good to chat with the entire pax for the first part of the run.

    I like bats, the M on the other hand is no fan.