Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Salute to a WWII Veteran


10 strong attended a “No Cones, No Coupons, No any kind of Props” Kubota Q in the gloom this morning.  This is what transpired:

Mosey around bus loop to see if there were any LIFO’s (Mr. Holland)


Big Arm Circles (forward) x 10

Big Arm Circles (backward) x 10

Helicopters x 15

Don Quixote’s x 10

SSH x 20

Imperial Walkers x 10

Hand Release Merkins x 15

WWII Sit-ups x 15


Short Mosey over to school steps for:

Lindsey’s (40’s)

30 Box Jumps on steps/10 Merkins, 25/15, 20/20, 15/25, 10/30


Mosey over to and down Lindsay Court for:

Lindsey’s (40’s) on Lindsay Ct.

30 Lunges/10 Russian Soldiers up the hill that is Lindsay Ct., 25/15, 20/20, 15/25, 10/30

When done with Lindsey’s, run backward up the rest of the hill and plank-o-rama.


Mosey over to basketball courts for:

Four Corners Escalator

5 WWII Sit-ups

5 WWII Sit-ups/10 (2 ct.) Mt. Climbers

5 WWII Sit-ups/10 (2 ct.) Mt. Climbers/15 Monkey Humpers

5 WWII Sit-ups/10 (2 ct.) Mt. Climbers/15 Monkey Humpers/20 Dive Bomber Merkins


Mosey to the back field for:

WWII Sit-up Suicides

Run to 25 yard line and do 5 WWII’s, run back to start line and do 5 Burpees

Repeato for 50 yard line, 75 yard line, 100 yard line

Flutter Kicks to wait for the six


Mosey to Cafeteria Wall for:

Partner Work

One partner does Dwight Howard’s on wall (about 50 each) other partner runs horseshoe.


Mosey to Shovel Flag for 5MOM:

WWII Sit-ups


One Minute of Superman


COT, Numberama, Namearama, YHC took us out.



Puppypile 2.0 on May 19th at 7:05am

Breaking Bread (I think Upchuck is taking the Q though he will need a couple more Pax for help)



April 30 and it was 38 degrees in the gloom this morning. When is “Old Man Winter” going to quit?!  YHC kept it simple this morning.  Cones and bricks were in the back of the truck, but were of no use this morning.  Back to the basics it was.  YHC is not sure what happened during the partner work, but we had 10 Pax members working out this morning and during the partner work, 6 were running the horseshoe and 4 were doing Dwight Howards.  I blame it on Monday morning or a long weekend for some or maybe it was YHC’s fault.

YHC forgot to explain the frenzy of WWII’s this morning, but it was to honor YHC’s Grandfather who turned 95 a couple weeks ago.  He is a WWII vet who served on the USS Iowa in the Pacific theater.  We did around 95 WWII’s this morning to honor him and the 20 Dive Bomber’s actually represented the 20 Kamikazes that he witnessed either try to hit or hit the Iowa’s support ships!  None of the Kamikazes tried to hit the Iowa itself, because the Japanese pilots pretty much knew they would not get through the gunfire of the Iowa.  This morning was one of YHC’s ways of honoring his Grandfather whose health has really started to fail since his birthday.

Thanks for coming out this morning and lets continue to pray for our fellow Pax, Pax family members and any unspoken prayers that anyone may need.

See you in the Gloom!












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  1. Knew there had to be a WWII tie in with all those situps. Happy we got to honor your grandfather this morning. Nice beatdown Kubota.

  2. Great way to honor your grandfather, thanks for letting us be a part of it!! Great Q too, have a good Monday fellas!

  3. I personally cannot believe you all got through all that in 45 minutes…well done.

    Much respect to your grandfather Kubota.

  4. Thanks for the respect for my grandfather! I think he would have loved doing these boot camp workouts back in the day!