Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Just a Spitting Good Time


9 Davillians (including 3 2.0’s) thought they were showing up for a raining workout but just got some Spit.

YHC arrived at 5:25 to an empty parking lot but while planting the SF, the PAX came rolling in. time to get to work!

This is how it sent down:

Mosey around the church

  • 10 Happy Jacks (5 – SSH + 2 Jump Squats) – OYO
  • 10 DQ
  • 10 Cherry Pickers
  • 10 Merkins
  • 15 American Hammers
  • 15 Flutter Kicks
  • 12 Temp Merkins
  • 15 WWII Situps
  • Arm Circles

Catch Us If You Can – In teams of 3, Partner A carries Partner B while Partner C completes 10 burpees. Partner C runs to catch the PAX then switch. Rinse and Repeat for one lap

mosey to the pavilion

Lazy Dora – Partner up, first partner holds plank or Al Gore which second partner does exercises. Exercises as follows:

  •  100 Decline Merkins
  • 200 Picnic Sit Ups
  • 300 Dips

Mosey to SF

Captain Thor – 1 WWII Sit Up + 4 American Hammers. Rinse and Repeat til 10 WWII + 40 American Hammers or till Q called time.

Numerama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out.


It was great to back at The Creek. YHC has enjoyed the running challenges and the PAX of RAMM but its good to be with the Davillians on Friday once again.

Even though it was raining during the workout this morning, YHC still made sure they PAX got a little wet with some exercises on the ground. Also since The Carpenter was out of town, Yard Sale made sure to find every puddle along the mosey.

Welcome back to Rounders! Rounders shared that if he just showers at work he can make it out almost every morning. Aye Rounders, take one straight out of Lab Rat’s playbook

Also welcome back to Pick 2. Way to push it this morning brother. That soon to be Old Lady of yours got you busy with wedding planning. Don’t forget your bro time

  • YHC and Mudface are looking to change some things up for Tomato Run. Stay Tuned
  • Puppy Pile May 19th at 7am – See Preblast