Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Naturalist


What?  No rain?

What was supposed to a certain downpour held off for this illustrious group of ten to get a few miles in.  Only takers were for 5 and 6 miles.

The Routes:

Up the main entrance to taking Gateway/Campus/Towana to Three Chopt and the Henri access road.  5s turn on St Christopher’s and 6s go to Grove and a left on Granite with both coming out on Patterson.

West on Patterson to Westham Pkwy and take a left and then another left on University Dr.  Through the woods and around the lake.


It was great running with Taxi Cab today and glad to see him resist the urge to taper post CSAUP.  EF Hutton reeled us in midway through the run with a cadence that sounded like Dutch’s (Yes, YHC can recognize the cadence of those who typically pass me.)  Swiper was looking strong despite getting over the flu.

All runners resisted the urge to perform Tron squats in Fudd’s front yard.  However, TYA spotted Wedding Singer in or near the creek.  Bird watching?  Looking for tadpoles and crawfish?  Taking in the sights?  Or perhaps a time of reflection.  One may never know, it is earth day after all.

As advertised, the 6 mile route was 0.08 short while the 5 route was spot on.  I will make sure the disappointed 6s get a little more on Friday.


  • Swirly offers a service to turn white shirts into a fashionable grey color which involves putting them through a boot camp.  (Yep, it was a slow day for the mumble chatter.)

Time to Taper,




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  1. Another solid route from our resident road-scholar Lockjaw.

    I was more than satisfied that the 6 came up short. Appreciated running with Sippy – for the time I could keep up with him.