Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Quartet with a Little Something for Everyone


4 PAX showed up on a rainy Wednesday for a little fun with logs, tires and a hammer


Warm Up:

SSH IC x 48

Cherry Pickers IC x 10

The Hillbilly -> YeeHaw IC x 10

Pick up some coupons and mosey to the track.


9 minute run OYO – Distances varied from 1 mile for YHC up to 1 and a 1/2 for Tobit and Rosie

The Lumberjack Circuit: 45 second at each station back-to-back

Overhead Press

Tire Flip

One arm row

Curls for the girls


Sledgehammer to the tire

Indian Run for a lap

Another Lumberjack circuit

Face-off with a partner and push each other blocking sled style, the first one to push the other 10 yards back wins

Another Lumberjack circuit (Last one so make the sledgehammers count!)

Mosey back to the flag and everyone gets a shot at the focus mitts.



Wilson’s Golf Tournament – Suggestion to get together before that occurs to hit a few golfballs.


YHC was glad to Q this fine group of men on a rainy day.  As the Q YHC instituted a punishment regimen for un-wholesome talk.  Our verse today was Psalm 19:14 “Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight Oh Lord my strength and my Redeemer.”  All that was heard was good natured mumble-chatter that was G – Rated, Outstanding.  Tobit corrected YHC about adding an R to his name.  I took that opening to remind folks that Rosco ends in an o not an e.  I really learned “Don’t mess with Gumbo!  He is stout on the pushing and hit the focus mitts like a champ, elbows in, hands up, quick and always on target, nicely done.  It is always a pleasure gents.



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  1. Great Q Rosco! Thanks for the opening run – I like the “as many laps as possible (AMLAP)” in 9 minutes idea. That will show up again at a track near you SOJ – for sure. Rosie and Tobit shot off like rockets and crushed 1.5 miles.
    I was just happy to not get lapped and get in 1.25 miles. Great start!

    The lumberjack routine was great also. Definitely feeling it in the back and shoulders.

    The hand-to-hand combat or “active rest” employed by Rosco is fun and always keeps you on your toes. Nice work. I enjoyed it men.

  2. Who needs weights and kettlebells when you can use logs and tires. Great work Rosco, anything outside the box of a typical boot camp is always welcome. I know I’ll feel the weight of those logs today and tomorrow.

  3. Nice variety Rosco! This was prolly the first time I took a sledgehammer to a tire…nice way to work some underused muscle groups.

    The pushing tug-of-war face-off was a nice addition…but I’m thinking I’ll need a good running start in the future to even have a chance.

  4. That extra worthless weight I drag around the track comes in handy every now and then. Cheers!