Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Norfolk and Weigh




Seven sponges came out to soak up the rain soaked fields of Atlee this morning.  Problem was, it hadnt rained!  I blame Andrew Frieden, mainly because Nikki Dee is perfect in every way.  We worked out anyways…

Parking Lot Tracers


  • SSH IC until hole is located
  • Invisible Jump rope IC kinda until all stories are caught up
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Helicopters until train arrives
  • LBC’s until train departs……AUDIBLE!!!!  Damn that was a long train….Plank for a minute then finish up with Don Quixotes


  • Hill of Dreams- Partner up, tag team running hill to left field fence of baseball field while partner performs exercises.  Alternate up the hill between backwards and forwards.  Each partner runs up hill backwards and forwards 3 times.  Exercises were LBC’s, Heels to heaven, burpees, merkins, flutter kicks, and burpees.
  • Out of Phonic’s pocket- 10 minutes OYO of 5 pullups, 10 merkins, 15 squats.  Rinse and repeat.
  • Indian run back to flag

Mary- Ring of Fire, Rosie style.



I was planning on waking up to a soaker thig morning and had planned my wardrobe accordingly before I went to bed this morning.  Took the pup out at 0445 and found not a drop of rain had fallen!  What the What?  Also thought I could be working out solo, but that was also not the case, as Yardsale was sitting in his car reading a Goosebumps novel when I pulled up (don’t make fun, what are you reading?).

This morning’s workout was sorta unplanned, though I had a general idea that I wanted to run the hill a bit and also I wanted to work on good form pullups and merkins like we did last week on the Phonics Q.  That was plainly evident when we heard the train and the gears in my head started churning….how can we use this?!?  I know…LBC’s for the train!  After about 5 minutes (literally) of the train running, it was evident that this was a terrible idea and thus was shitcanned.  Right after that, the caboose passed.

Mumblechatter was upheld this morning by the pax, to the point where cadence was when one story ended and the next story began.  Lab Rat was so proud!

Good Luck to Circle K and the O.G. K…Kay as they tackle their trail marathon this weekend!

Also, if you need something to do with the kids this weekend, VCU is hosting the NCAA championship dodgeball tournament at the Siegel Center….admission is free!  You can pretend like that won’t be awesome, but deep down you know it will be.  Usually, you have to pay extra for that, right, Kotten?!?

Apology of the week goes to Phonics.  Im sorry for interrupting your story this morning with my incessant counting.  I’ll try to be quieter in the next COP!


Lab Rat apologizes…





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