Wednesday, January 19
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Is that the hill?


2 RiverRun regulars and a SOJ regular hit the hills of Tarrington.  Shakedown has been out to RiverRun once before but didn’t recall much about the route.  He had the joy of the TwinTeam to SOT leg in the CSAUP so we decided to reverse it today and let him go down the hill.  YHC and Gumbo warned Shakedown of the climb up Ashwell, as we approached the roundabout he asked “Is this the hill?”  Yes and no, yes it’s the start but at that point you could only see about one-third of the fun to climb.

An inordinate amount of traffic this morning.  Shakedown believes it’s gym traffic, non-F3ers realizing it’s getting warmer and summer is quickly approaching.  A nice easy run of 5 miles together into Tarrington,  up the hill and around the school to finish.  Bonus, there is a group of tires, large and small, behind JRHS.  That may be something a future Q at TwinTeam could utilize.

Good run this morning guys, great weather to be out on the roads.


Golf tournament – See Wilson

St. Baldrick’s fundrasier – Shakedown with more info

Sugar Sock VQ at NoToll tomorrow.


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  1. Perfect morning for a run and great company to boot. Thanks for looping back for us at the top of the hill Rosie.

    Looks like Sugar Sock is going to get a customary WET TUESDAY at NoToll…the VQ gods wouldn’t have it any other way.

    PAX – Rose and I may have talked Shakedown into breaking out the razor and shaving his locks if the PAX can raise enough money. I’m confident we can. Be on the lookout for more details once Shakedown finishes calculating the right incentive.

  2. Glad I made it out this morning guys. Great way to start the week. Yep, I will work up a number and if we raise the money to help fight childhood cancer I will shave my beautiful luxurious locks ?

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