Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Breaking Bread


The following showed up for Breaking Bread this evening:  Kubota (and his 2.0 Husky), Mr. Roper (and his 2.0 Charlie), and YHC (2 out of 3 of my 2.0’s = Ellie and Charlie).

We had the honor of serving some bbq and fixings to a group of Richmond’s less fortunate this evening, what a great experience.  YHC enjoys exposing his 2.0’s to these experiences as often as possible…. Needless to say, YHC’s daughter (Ellie, 7 years old) and son (Charlie, 5 years old) had lots of questions about the wonderful folks we were able to serve, what a great learning experience for them.  It was fun to watch Kubota’s 2.0 along with the rest of the kids brighten these folks day, as they were able to interact and even play some rubix cube with the residents…

Best part:  YHC’s daughter said to Kubota at the end, “that was cool, I’d like to do it again.”

Great to meet one of Mr. Roper’s 2.0’s (Charlie, age 15), he’s a good kid!

Thanks for the assistance guys, and I look forward to doing this again.. Thanks also to Labrat for coordinating this effort from the get go!



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  1. Great evening guys and gal! This is always a great thing to do. Husky asked lots of important questions afterwards. I am glad he was able to experience this. Thanks for taking the lead Slurpee and glad your 2.0’s made it as well. Thanks also to Mr Roper and his 2.0!!

  2. It’s hard to get folks to do this the first time. Progressively easier after that…

    Thanks to all of you for stepping up!

    Who’s going to jump on the Q for May?!?