Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Shakedown is the new Swirly


Fifteen came out to WDOG, 14 would finish and all were left to wonder on the way to the COP “where is Swirly”

COP –  SSH, Don Qs, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Scorpion Kicks. Head to Rusty Cage

Partner Up- 60 Burp-ups and 100 Dips while 1 man ran up towards Carillon and back.

Head to Bermuda Triangle. First time 20 Heels2Heaven, 30 WWII situps, 40 Flutterkicks. Next round increase by 10. Head over to Amphitheater for Box Jump Escalator. Audible called around step 11-12. Back to flag for some Mary then close with RoF. BT, after some cajoling, took us out.

NMS – The PAX were treated to an unusual sign upon entering the AO. A Toyota 4Runner was in Big Blue’s spot with no Swirly to be found. It seems our buddy is getting his oil checked today so no WDOG for him, good luck.

We started with an FNG, via Mr Holland, but the initial Burp-Ups were too much. Hope to see him back out soon, maybe come back for a TYA Q to ease you in to the difficulty of the Gloom.

Apparently YHC is the only one who likes Scorpion Kicks. Burp-Ups took some time and Dips continue their comeback as a fan favorite. The Bermuda Triangle burned up theabs, but not for Hardywood. He can do WWII situps faster than YHC can do LBCs.

Lastly after the beatdown Vinny shared he is down 20 Lbs in the 7 weeks since he started posting. Amazing stuff and a testament not only to F3 but also to what you can do when you fully commit to bettering yourself. Can’t wait to see how much strong you get brother.

Announcements – Slurpee has breaking bread this Sunday and could use 1 more Pax.

Silent Assassin signing off.



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  1. Marcel Marceau on

    Just when I think I was starting to know all the exercises – you breakout the Burp-ups? Those things are nasty. Good Q HD. Good working out with you all this morning.

  2. Doctor: So Mr. Hardy, charts look great. What have you been doing to take care of yourself?
    Swirly: I’ve been pounding out merkins.
    Doctor: Mr. Hardy, do know what a merkin is?
    Swirly: Yes sir I do. I’d love to show you mine. What are you doing on Saturday morning?
    Doctor: Nurse, call security.
    Swirly: Sounds great. Bring them too. We’ll have enough for partner carries.

  3. Big Tennessee on

    I feel a little sorry for that doc this morning. I imagine “Surly” was a more fitting moniker for the captain of Big Blue. Good Q, HoneyDo, and thanks for the audible on the box jumps. Another step or two and I may have lost both shins. Keep doing what you’re doing, Vinny. Love it!

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Missed being there boys – Shakedown freaken parked in my spot – dude seriously …..
    Looks like a solid beatdown Honeydo!
    Made it through the Dr. Apt with flying colors – and yes I did try and EH the doc .. Told him I missed a workout to be there so was wondering if I could use his desk to do some dips while I waited for them to take my blood – what – figured that’s better than standing around with a thumb up my ass – already had that no need for repeat 🙂
    Wed night hill run tonight – come on out !

    • Hahaha, I said no such thing Swirly. I guess I’m on probation now but I hear that you have to offer me F3 Etiquette/Protocol counseling first before you can legally dismiss me, right? And to think, I my file has been pretty empty till now…

      Here’s what really went down in case you were wondering… I’m dumber than I look and especially so before getting my blood moving. I arrived first – weird, where is Swirly, hope he’s ok. Alright now, where to park? I don’t ussually get here first so I guess I will park by this light pole – seems safe… ten minutes later I have TYA telling me what I’ve done – somebody told me it was a bold move, I am a bold dude but that would only apply if I did it on purpose… TYA tells me that only a couple of guys get assigned spots in F3, Swirly and… well just Swirly. Won’t happen again Amigo – don’t hurt me too bad 😉

      Hope everything went well this morning. I’m going in Friday morning myself so I start fasting tomorrow. Maybe by Saturday (when I don’t park in your spot) all will be forgiven.

  5. Solid beat down Honey Do, I have learned this week that you are a Bear Crawling machine, nice work man!

    Shakedown, might be a good idea to check over your shoulder today brother….

    Have a good one boys!

  6. I love Burp ups Honeydo – and scorpions, but as we just established I’m not the smartest hammer in the wet bag.

    Great work this morning boys. If I’m allowed back I’ll see y’all Saturday.

  7. Thanks for bringing back the burp-ups–they are intense. My abs were hurting at the end. Those last 15 V-ups were not fun! And please add me to the Pax list.

  8. Great to see you all again. Honeydo Q’s never disappoint.

    Thats awesome news Vinny! Keep it up.

    A day without a Swirly is like a day without the Sun – Seneca

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