Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Its not about Desiree


10 stalwarts posted on a perfect Tuesday morning in RVA.

Route for the day was “Mount Henrico”.  4 milers head towards mount Henrico and do one lap around Arlington Circle.  Five milers skip Arlington and head to the top,  Six milers hit Arlington circle on the way to and the way from Mount Henrico.


Mileages were a little bit off today…YHC hates that.  I knew that the five miler was a bit more than five miles and I clocked it in at 5.3.  Bleeder reports that the four mile route was about 3.7 and Splinter and Saab clocked the six miler in at 5.7.   I will have to take a look at the options for adding a bit to the 4 and six mile routes for the next time we do that route.

During yesterdays Boston marathon, a wonderful thing happened along the way in the women’s elite race.  One of the favorites, Shalene Flanagan (from Boston BTW), let one of the other runners know that she had to take a pit stop to the porta johns.  The other runner slowed her pace to wait for Shalene to make it easier for Shalene to catch up to the lead pack.  They caught up pretty quickly (Shalene has some super porta john skills and was in the blue monster for just under 20 seconds) and continued on in the race.  The women who helped Shalene was Desiree Linden, the eventual winner of the women’s race.  What a great example of being a good sport and selflessly helping another human being.  I just hope that we can exhibit this type of behavior more often. As Inky Johnson says “Its not about you”




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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Thanks for the run today Sippy, great to chat with you along the way. No often that TYA gets to run with one of the 6 milers. It was a pleasure.

  2. I actually like it when the mileage isn’t exactly 4, 5, and 6. Preferably a little longer than shorter though.

    On a similar note, does it bother you that the snooze alarm is 9 minutes and not 10?

  3. For those who do not sport a fancy watch, I would say we ran 6 and leave it at that.

    Remember, it’s not the destination but what happens along the way…

    By the way, my clock has an 8 minute snooze alarm – when properly wound.

  4. I clocked the 5 mile route at 5.5 on one of those “fancy” watches. Great run. Thanks to Swirly for the guidance and push to bring it home in time. I’m looking forward to more Spider Runs for a while as I give my shoulder a break.