Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



12 Strong resisted the fartsack following a successful CSAUP weekend.  Here’s what ensued:


Side Straddle Hop X 20

DonQ X 10
Merkins X 10
LBC’s X15
Flutter Kicks X15

Copper head squats X 10

RUN around and the neighborhood
Then, Mosey to Bottom of Lindsay: (Partner UP)

-100 Merkins, sets of 10, P2 planks while P1 exercises

-100 LBC’s, sets of 25, P2 holds legs 6 inches while P1 exercises

-100 Jump Squats – Sets of 25 while P2 holds squat lunge position.

MAIN EVENT:  Bear Crawl .23 miles up Lindsay (stop every 20 paces for 5 Merkins)

Mosey to Horseshoe for Triple Check – Balls to the wall, flutter kicks, P3 Runs (each team 3 times through).

Mosey to the Field For Wheelbarrows = Wheelbarrow to the 50 Yard line, stop and team does 10 burpees.  Switch and P2 Wheelbarrows back….



American Hammers (X50), 6 inches (X25), Hello Dollies (X20), Leg Lifts (X15)

Numberama, Namerama, and YHC took us out….


YHC appreciates 12 strong showing up to Hoedown this A.M., particularly after a successful CSAUP weekend!   Fudd made it known that the welcoming committee at the CSAUP finish line was too quiet on Saturday considering the circumstances.  YHC was not present at the end of the race Saturday morning, so no personal comments can be offered.  Fudd did however, demonstrate proper verbal support and tclaps for the pax while we finished Bear Crawling up Lindsay this morning indicating that “this is how to support your team members”.  Love you Fuddski!

Speaking of Bear Crawls, well done fellas!  That was a long way and Honeydo smoked the rest of the PAX…  YHC can only imagine what the driver of the passing car must have been thinking about 12 dudes crawling up his street at 5:40ish a.m.

Finally, wheelbarrows were fun today, right?  Great to partner with you Wedding Singer way to push it!


-Slurpee:   YHC has the Breaking Bread Q this Sunday, Kubota has volunteered to help and we please need one more….

Thanks for letting me lead today fellas, have a great Monday!



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  1. Good job, Slurpee! If the bear crawling was a race, then it is a race that I don’t mind coming in last place! That was a long ways! Good turnout for a bunch of guys who are still sore and tired from CSAUP. I know I am. Going to try to catch a nap in my office today. Lets show some support for Spit this week as he is running in the Colonial 200 relay!

  2. I have a fever and the only prescription is more Bear Crawl. Nice Q Slurpee, Wheelbarrows were much better this time.

  3. Nice Q, Slurpee. Way to push us on the bearcrawl. I was thoroughly impressed by the PAX making it all the way. Well done.

    Nice to have Fuddski join this morning…he travels each week…from one who knows, getting out before traveling is no easy deal. Great to have you out there.

    Mr. Holland is living proof that chemical attacks can happen anywhere.

  4. Great Q today Slurpee! A nice way to abuse the arms and shoulders.

    Honey Do finished the bear crawls so quickly, i think he had time for a nap at the top of the hill.

    Well Done!

  5. Big Tennessee on

    Slurpee is gonna bring the shoulder beat down everytime. Felt it all day long! Well done, Slurpee!