Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

An Early Morning Love Affair: Vinny’s VQ


Five suitors showed up for Vinny’s VQ. It went like this:

Happy Hour & Icebreakers. DQs (15)/ Arm Circles (10 and 5) each arm/ Invisible jump ropes (15)/ Helicopters (15).

Speed dating at Love Hill. Partner up: Crawl bears, Backwards lunges, Triple Jump Copperhead Squats (2) to the top of the hill while partner runs (and switch). If they came back, it was meant to be.

Dinner date by candle (street) light. New partners: Line tracers at the tennis courts while remaining suitors ate crab cakes (100), flutter kicks (200), SSH (300). Team numbers to completion of the date.

Palate cleansers. John Merkinroes – each corner of the room (tennis court) :  Dive bombers (15), HR merkins (15), werkins (15), merkins (15).

After dinner drinks. New partners: Leg tosses -15 straight; 30 left/right (alternate); 40 random (two sets of 20).

Front porch goodbyes. Circle up. Ring of fire. PAX in plank position. 5 wiper merkins each around the ring. Date’s over. Time to go home. Back to the flag.

YHC took us out. Always grateful for the opportunity.

Numberama /Namorama / Announcements

Great work on #CSAUP men. Truly awesome to watch. Can’t wait to join in the next one. Appreciated the opportunity to lead today.




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  1. I knew there was a reason for posting at Batteau this morning. Great Q Vinny! Solid way to start the day with 5 regular PAX members—way to push. Speed dating was brutal after Century Classic (CSAUP). But needed.
    Only those who post understand.

  2. Great Q, Vinny. Very challenging. Hit all the spots that needed to be hit as well as a few that were hoping to rest! ?

    You’re bringing a different flavor to the Batteau Monday morning potato stew.

    Glad to have you coming out!

  3. That was a really thoughtful Q, Vinnie–my legs, arms and core were all tired. Thanks for being willing to split up that last set of leg tosses! I was definitely dreading the reverse uphill lunges this morning, but it was just what my legs needed to beat the soreness.

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