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All apologies to EF Hutton… YHC had planned a Master’s themed workout before heading to 45MOM on Thursday.  After Thursday’s amazing Master’s themed workout, YHC considered changing his whole workout around and doing something completely different, but decided the two workouts were different enough that it really didn’t matter too much.

That being said, here is the way the workout went down…
9 amateurs showed up for a day on the links.
Started off bear crawl on short sides of the church.  Ran the long ends.

COP — SSH, Helicopters, crabcakes, smurf jacks, jack squats, plank jacks, wedge squats(toes out), tiger crawl R, L, in, out with 4 merkins before changing each direction.  Repeato

Master’s Trivia quiz — Right answers are 10 crabcakes, wrong answers run and touch a car, come back and do a set of round the world merkins on the picnic benches (3 at first, then adding one for each wrong answer)
Here are the questions.
1. Site of the Masters?
2. What year did the Masters start?
3. What is the 18 hole par score?
4. Last year’s winner?
5. What flower is hole number 13 named for?
6. How many amateurs in this year’s event?
7. Which golfer came back this year after 3 years off?
8. Holes 11, 12, and 13 have a special name.  What is it?
9. Oldest to win?
10. Youngest to win?
11. Back to back winners?
12. Who says ” A Tradition unlike any other?”
13. Name one thing that if you brought it with you on the course would get you kicked out?
14. According to Vegas, who has the best odds of winning?
15.  Another name for a double eagle?
16. Name one of the first female members of Augusta National.

One more round of round the world merkins for good measure.

2 balls, one putter.
No it’s not the punch line of a joke.  PAX split into two highly unequal teams.
Moved to the only place with light at the whole AO.
YHC threw the yellow ball out.  One member from each team putted their ball — closest team wins and has to plank up — other team does ten burpees.  Do this until everyone had a turn.

Mary —
Par 4 ring of fire merkins.  PAX holds plank while one person does one merkin.  Pass around the circle.  Then two, three, then four.
Freddie Couples (Mercuries)

Highlights and general observations —
1.  Good to see Patty Mayo again even if we didn’t recognize him at first.  The signature beard was gone!  He said it was a Christmas gift to his wife.
2.  Question 9 — Spike’s answer was Jack.  YHC asked him for the last name.  He said “Nicholson”  YHC — “No, that’s an actor.  Let’s run.”
3. Question 13 — The answer YHC was going for was “cell phone”.  What he got from the PAX was camera, weed, knives, guns, chinese throwing stars, etc.  YHC appreciated the creativity and gave them credit for a correct answer for a poorly worded question…
4. We were planning to do a lot more bear crawls this morning, but YHC changed the plan when Wheelie said bear crawls were bad for his back early on.  YHC wants this brother to keep coming back and not injure himself again, so the plan was altered.
5. The Jetts are not good golfers, but they are good at doing slooooow merkins.

Go take on the day!








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  1. Looks like a great workout. The Masters is a 4 day event so plenty of room for two tribute workouts. I think I would have gotten 10 correct.

  2. Thanks for Q’ing this morning, Opus. Glad Wild Thing was there, too. We would have been running the whole time without his mastery of Master’s minutia.

  3. Dag nabbit! I was back in town for 24 hours, planning on being there this morning and my phone charging cable died over night. Alarm didn’t go off, woke up late and missed it. will never live it down. sounds like a fantastic workout Opus!! sorry to miss it.