Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Timberwolf Trio


Sitting solo in the 37 degree parking lot YHC was considering which route to take for some miles when Mr. Roper and his crocs rolled in with Tobit not far behind.  Now that there were 3 PAX and no one on the Q sheet, YHC took the lead and we were off.


Mosey around the back of the school and to the bus loop for the standard warm up of DQ, Helicopters, SSH, IW, Merkins and LBC.

Mosey to the entrance for light pole 11’s – exercises suggested by Mr. Roper and Tobit were vetoed and the 11’s were merkins and 4 count Freddie Mercuries.  Mosey around the bus loop and include the light poles that are out too.  Note:  There are more than 10 light poles in the loop.

Mosey to the front of the school for a door tour.  Each door is conveniently numbered for our use do the door number of exercises as you pass them  Exercises included – Doors 1-8 burpees, Doors 9-16 Squats, Doors 16-23 2-ct flutter kicks.

Four Corners in the parking lot  Corner 1 – 1 burpee, Corner 2 – 2 jump squats, Corner 3 – 3 Heels to Heaven, Corner 4 – 4 4-ct arm circles (for Mr. Roper), keep increasing the count – 5 burpees, 6 jump squats…around 3 times total.  Plankarama with some alternating shoulder taps and Peter Parkers, Dollies, 1-leg APD, American Hammers.

At the light poles back to the flag alternate between 2 burpees and 5 HR merkins.  Tobit calls Rosalitas and Mr. Roper calls SSH to finish it off.

Numbers/Names/ Tobit took us out


Healing Place – last Saturday, looking for a couple people to run 6ish miles with the group.  See Shakedown and/or Upchuck.

CSAUP is a week away.  Find someone and ask if you need to know more.


Mr. Roper was exhausted after his VQ at NoToll, this was apparent since everytime YHC asked him for an exercise he suggested Arm Circles.  We finally included them with the 4 corners just for him.  Mr. Roper promised to stay consistent with his Q frequency so we should look for the next one in another 22 months.  I think he would do more if Viral would write his backblast every time.  Tobit also expressed an interested in taking the Q more often so hopefully we can be on the lookout for that again soon.

The numbered doors add plenty of fun but is was especially exhausting when we found doors 7 and 8 are right next to each other with no break.  I had read in a few back blasts that the light poles had been used for various stopping points but was unable to fully appreciate the well lit parking lots until YHC called them up this morning.  Discussions of egg salad and pimento cheese sandwiches on white bread and EF Hutton’s expected Masters tribute dominated the post workout discussion.

Jville is on the Q sheet for TwinTeam tomorrow – come one, come all and join the fun.


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  1. Enjoyed it Rosie! Given all the burpees we ended up doing today, I’m surprised my burpee suggestion for the light pole 11’s was vetoed. I’m thinking we ended up doing about 60 burpees this morning…which doesn’t sound like too many…but it felt like too many.