Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Countryside Lollipop


Eleven intrepid runners tried something new today, heading west into uncharted territory.  Pretty straightforward instructions today:

The Route
Head west around the lake, through the trail and up University.  Cross Forest, quick jog to the right on Ralston and continue on University.  When University takes a hard right don’t turn, instead go straight into someone’s driveway, continuing along the path and through the park to get dumped out on Roslyn Hills.  Right on Roslyn Hills.  4 milers go to the top of the hill and return the way you came.  5 milers take a left on September, which turns into Countryside, left on Ruggles, Left on Roslyn Hills then right into the park and back home.  6 milers did some mother goosing to make sure instructions were clear.

Circle up to listen to the geese, ducks and seals where YHC took us out.

The PAX was excited to try something new today, and YHC was happy to oblige.  There were many raised eyebrows and questions when the instructions came to “continue down someone’s driveway”.  For those in the know, it’s a common cut through to the park.

There were also many suppositions regarding the street name Ruggles.  After some Internet research, YHC determined the joke was really around The Rutles, which was a Beatles parody band.  Still never heard of them.

Always fun catching up with Saab on a run.  Great work everyone, will bring this one back out when our natural light illuminates the path a little more.  Lab Rat managed to not get lost, which makes for a successful rote.

Post COT chatter centered around appropriate and questionable usage of activated charcoal, frequency of Chipotle visits, and Lab Rat congratulating EF Hutton (virtually) on his championship in the F3 bracket.

Enjoy the day.  Splinter out.



  1. Nice route today, Splinter. I confess to being completely lost until we made it past the park, but the site of the tiger costume someone left at the park straightened me out.

    Great to run with you today, Swirly. I’m still not sure what the right clothing was for the weather, but the inside-out long sleeve resulted in my best run in a while. Thanks for pushing me.

    See you all in The Gloom.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Enjoyed it Upchuck!
    Nice route Splinter – glad you and Saabski back tracked every once and a while 🙂
    Kubota’s first Spider Run – atta baby !

    See y’all in the gloom..

  3. Nice route, Splinter! I had never ventured down that path before and I drive by it every day. Never knew it came out to Roslyn Hills. I had fun watching seals sun themselves on the hill by the lake!

    • Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

      Swirly is a a pretty sensitive dude – but has no problem clubbing a seal 🙂
      Nice to see them back out there though – now that it’s spring and all 🙂

    • Thanks Lab Rat. My strategy was to put as little thought into my picks as possible and not to pick UVA to go past the Sweet 16 under any circumstances. Overestimated their run, but still proved to be a good strategy.

  4. For the record, my purpose for doubling-back was to slow Splinter down. Saab was missing his banana today.

    On that note, given the talk of Chipotle, Brussel Sprouts, and (consuming) Charcoal, the PAX appears to be keeping quite regular these days.

  5. Way to introduce the PAX to the fun around Rosyln Hills Splinter. And thanks for avoiding Chez Honeydo lest someone need to pull a Fudd that far away from UofR.

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