Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I’m a real boy!


32 gloom warriors and 2 FNGs fiercely met the break of day this morning at Dogplie. It appears that Spring has sprung; new guys, Cotters welcomed back (good to have you back Posh), lots of Pax –  hopefully today’s turnout is a harbinger of good things to come.

Today was YHC’s virgin Dogpile Q and it went a little something like this:

COP: 25 SSH, 15 Don Quixote (bombed a joking jab at Flatline’s helicopters instead of windmills from No Toll – guess you had to be there ?), 15 Helicopters, 15 Russian Soldiers, 15 Coplerhead squats, 10 2 count Merkins, Wilson’s wife, Fudd’s wife, knees to elbows, lots of mumble chatter, done

Micro mosey to the top of the irregular quadrilateral (Wilson said it is decidedly not a triangle – he called it a rectangle but that’s not quite right either) for The Cooper: run a lap then back to the circle for 10 Burpees, 10 squats, 10 Merkins – run a lap then decrease exercises by 1, repeat on down to 1. This was what YHC thought was a good way to handle the volume of men but it went a little long so when most of the guys were done we scooped the six to move on to the next…

Form 2 lines for weaving Indian Run to the bottom of Love Hill. Cluster. However it served the intended purpose of transportation to the mission objective while keeping the Pax generally together.

Grab a guy roughly your size for partner carries to the stone steps. Go as long as you can then switch. Transition is 5 Booya Merkins.  Audible to scoop the six. We were running out of time.

No time for the planned pull-up / burpee 11’s at the Rusty Cage so straight to the amphitheater…

Box jumps to the top. 1 on first step, 1 on second. 2 on third, 2 on fourth – on up to 9/9 – regroup – mosey to the flag. Good times.

No time for Mary so numberama, namerama, 2 FNG’s – nice. Welcome woodworking FNG Rob Baker (Gepetto) and acountant FNG Bill Davis (Beansie). Lots of dissent and discussion including the realization that YHC is apparently not appropriately familiar with the required F3 film canon and hasn’t seen Caddyshack since he was an adolescent and had a vcr. No regrets but I will remedy and revisit that cinematic classic soon.

Anouncments – final weeks of Healing Place 10k training.  CSAUP is coming so plan accordingly.

YHC took us out with St Francis’ peace prayer.

Thanks guys for letting me lead this morning. Happy Easter.


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  1. Way to handle the large Pax, Shakedown! Great Q! The Cooper was for real!! I’m surprised there were no tumbles during the weaving Indian run. Great partner carrying, Phonics! Have a Happy Easter all.

  2. Shakedown – thanks for leading us this morning, well done! “gloom warriors” – love it! I nominate that to be the 2018 F3RVA shirt design/logo

  3. Great job wrangling a large and rowdy crowd this morning Shakedown. The Cooper quieted that mumblechatter quickly. Thanks to Hardywood, Phonics and Sippy for pushing me all morning and Malpractice for the ride up Love Hill.

  4. Shakedown-by far a top 10 beating at Dog Pile. Makes me want to sign up to Q just to get a stage ground and pound in. #runningsucks That was not a triangle and whatever shape it is I hope it never returns. Thanks to Marmaduke and Pavarotti for keeping me going. ET’s was, as always a blast. 76 burpees during the burpee challenge-Vita loop? Maybe that will come back sometime soon. Hmmmm. Ok not during a Wilson Q! Shakedown – great ending prayer and thanks for your leadership! Have a “Super Day” – quote from Hardywood!

  5. Great beatdown Shakedown. The Cooper is a real crowd control mechanism for sure. That weave/snake Indian run definitely got out of control but you are right it served its purpose. And partner-carry up Love Hill… YIKES!

    Great works guys. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  6. Solid Q, mi amigo. Well done. Surprised this was your VQ at Dogpile. The burpee / mercan duacta hit the spot.

    Speaking of V-anythings at F3, I believe this was my V-beatdown that involved exactly zero ab-focused exercises (with apologies to our long lost Toga (aka, Form Police) and anyone answering to the moniker “Wilson’s Wife,” a 6:02 a.m. stretch-o-rama does’t move my needle). Looks like 2018 is destined to go down as another Easter when UpChuck doesn’t get to show off six-pack abs.

    Thanks to The Rub Doctor for lifting my 6 up Love Hill. Sorry to stick you with the derkins…my bad.

  7. What a Q Shakedown! The cooper was fantastic and way to crush it offshore on the partner carries. Happy Easter fellas.

  8. Gepetto? I thought we settled on Pleasant’s for Bob? Did i miss something?

    Thanks for Q’ing Shakedown. You had your hands full with a rowdy bunch today.