Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Next exercise: Deer chasers


5 PAX, and at least 1 deer, ignored the forecast of rain to take on Twin Team.  Rain actually held off until the very end and weather was a glorious 64 degrees.  Spring is now in the gloom:

COP – Invisible Jumprope, Don Qs, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Scorpion Kicks, & Hillbillies

Mosey to field behind BW, partner up.  Partner 1 does Pull-ups while other runs field and back.  Switch and repeat. Then head to short side of rectangle (or Square??) for Partner bear crawl.  1st man starts crawling field while other does 10 hand release merkins then runs and switches.  Way back across field Crab Walk.  Plank up sde by side. Last man broad jump over pax. 2 times through. Then Pickle Pounders to catch our breath.

Head to parking lot.  Burpee lamp post escalator.  1st Light = 1 Burpee, all the way up & down parking lot up to 12th light.  Back to baseball field. Backwards run field, run back then 10 V-Ups.  Bunny Hop field then 20 V-ups.  erMaybe another or 2 rounds in there?? & finish up with Mary of:  1 Leg APDs, Reverse Crunches, Heels2Heaven. Then back to Flag.  Mr. Holla2nd took us out.

NMS – With 30 seconds to spare we had 3 PAX and YHC had visions of many a Triple check in his head.  Then Bullseye arrived to make an even 4 but Mr Holland followed him in to give us the dreaded 5.

On the mosey from the COP to the field we stirred some deer in the woods any YHC joked we were going to do Deer chasers next, little did he know the deer would soon agree. On the field a few minutes later while Mr Holland, Rosie, and YHC were running the field a Deer joined us running the same direction. Rosie looked the deer down and the deer knowing Rosie could run it down, veered off. The pax was weary then as where there is one deer more are not far behind.

The Burpees on the parking lot were tough, by Hardywood math we did 289 Burpees, or by conventional math 78 total. Bullseye and Roscoe put in solid work and Rosie as usual led the Pax.

Everyone enjoy your Easter weekend.



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  1. Well done fellas. As usual, HoneyDo managed to cram 60+ minutes of work into 45 minutes. That is a true talent. Sorry to have missed it. Have a great Easter weekend men!

  2. We entered that Honeydo time warp again. 78 burpees in a row is a crusher, I thought we were going up to the normal Twin Team 8 light parking lot light poles until Honeydo pointed out the last line along the sidewalk.
    Great to see Bullseye and Roscoe out again as a TwinTeam regulars.