Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cross route or a t ?


19 strong posted for the run this morning and here is how it went down.

TYA gave the instructions – fella’s we are doing the cross route in honor of Good Friday. Commonwealth to Monument left on Monument to Staples mill – back down Monument left on commonwealth to Broad – back down commonwealth to monument left to Belmont – back up Monument to Commonwealth.  Yep this is the 5 mile route cause YHC did not listen to the streets for the 4 and 6. YHC is assisting with writing the BB for TYA today…

19 is awesome to have @ RAMM – let’s keep that up dudes!

So this all started after Splinter texted TYA last night and asked if he was doing the cross route… Yep it was gonna be old school but after brief consideration TYA went with the cross route or as Marv like to say oh we are running a t  – 🙂 The parking lot was coned off so YHC parked on the street – wow been awhile since YHC has done that – but figured that was the right call – gotta keep the school happy – no moving the kindergarten cones..  Everyone seemed to have a good and safe run other than my man BT – who tweaked that back again and was walking like a 90 year old man…. Good news is he went to see our brother Flipper and got that sucker worked on – Flipdog will have him back in action in no time – atta baby Flip! Glad to hear you are feeling better BT! Splinter allowed his daughter to see Feris Bueller’s day off and she did not laugh in the first 15 min which concerned Splinter cause when he walked in and sat down he was rolling with in seconds – hey Splinter try Fletch next man  no way she can’t laugh at that one or maybe Caddyshack – weird science, Major league any of those are sure to have her laughing immediately dude  🙂  Fuudski took us out with some very appropriate and powerful words. We indeed have much to be thankful for but most of all we are thankful for the love and the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior. Good Friday is a time of reflection – Easter is a time of celebration – let us reflect and celebrate this weekend.

Well done today guys – each of you encourage and inspire me everyday.  See y’all in the gloom..


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  1. Nice run! Very honored and humbled to run a cross in the gloom this morning. Good time to reflect and be at peace with life. Have a wonderful Good Friday all!

  2. Well written Swirly. Glad I was able to plant a good seed in TYA so he could make the right choice this morning. I’ll take a half point on big data for that one. You can take the other half for writing the BB.

  3. A last minute transportation challenge left me with a Run Around Westham (RAW). My route was not nearly as pious, and there was no sight of KeyMaster.

    Happy to hear Splinter planted his seed in TYA.

  4. 80s movies are tough. We watched Spaceballs recently and are still hearing about all the (major) assholes. Ditto for The Great Outdoors – know what hot dogs are made of?

  5. Great run this morning folks.

    I recommend folks check out the Goldbergs. A lot of the episodes are based on 80’s movies. My daughter loves the show and wanted to watch Ferris Bueller after I told her.

    Another episode was The Goonies. That show nails being a kid in the 80’s

  6. Big Tennessee on

    Great route, at least the mile or so I saw of it. I must have tripped on a Splinter seed. Hated not finishing, but Flip went to work on me so hopefully it will be short-lived. Great COT prayer, Fudd! As for 80’s flicks, I try to get my kids to watch Christmas vacation with me every year. My kids tell me it’s inappropriate while I’m crying laughing.Like Bleeder and speed golf, they don’t get it.

  7. Great route TYA. I just wish I had run it. I came in hot and I guess the directions didn’t stick in my mind. I know….you’re thinking, “Damn….Fudd never screws up directions. Must be a fluke.” I know, right? What was supposed to look like a cross on the Garmin map looked more like a lopsided canoe paddle with a growth attached.

    Regardless of the route, I was just happy to be there. I was honored that TYA asked me to close us out, and I’m equally as honored to be a part of this group. I’m not able to post as often as I’d like, but that’s life. Kind of like Splinter’s seed being planted in TYA and prison sex…..just let it happen.

    Happy Easter boys!