Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cat Daddy and a Pack of Wool


19 brave souls posted at 530 for a beatdown in Richmond’s west end.  Spring has sprung.  Shorts and a t-shirt were the uniform for the day.  Jerusalem cruisers were optional.

The Thang:

Mosey to side of Tennis courts for COP.  10x Don Quixote’s (Saab did 3), 10x Helicopters, 20x SSH, 20x LBC. Mosey towards Reveille church, stopping along the way for a little bit of exercise at intersections.  Take the short cut to the Reveille, ring of fire with 5x hand release merkins.  Mosey to Windsor Way.  Lung down the yellow brick road, one pax does 5 hand release merkins and 5 WWII setups.  Mosey to church for Elevens.  Swirly picks hand release merkins and Saab picks Burpees as the exercise.  Mosey to other short side of field.  Triple check one pax does WWII setups, second does jump squats and third runs to other side of field and runs backward to other side.  Mosey back to Mary Mumford, again stopping to get a few merkins and setups along the way.  Finish up at 616 in the parking lot.  YHC took us out.


I owe the PAX a minute.  I pride myself of starting and finishing the workout on time (for confirmation of this, please talk to Conspiracy).  We started precisely at 530 GMT (Garmin Mean Time), but we finished 1 minute past the appointed finish time. It is kind of challenging to manage time when you are commuting to a field a half mile away, but a commitment is a commitment and I didn’t meet mine this morning.

There was a little controversy when I said lets go to the short side of the field.  A few of the PAX asserted that the field was a square and therefore didn’t have  short side.  I think once we ran the short way, it was apparent that it was indeed a rectangle.  Speaking of the field, the dew was heavy this morning and the grass on that field is deep.  Don’t get me wrong, its a nice field (not up to the standards of no toll) but cutting the field once a year or so might be a nice idea.

Many benefits to the good weather.  No layers of clothing, no need to stay in the car pre workout to stay warm and most of all, no rush to get to the cars post workout. As such, several of us lingered around the AO post workout. For the most part, who know what silly subjects we covered.  One thing that did come up from Vinny was a new code name for a group of women.  There was a group of women running by the AO at around 630 and Vinny said “there goes a pack of wool”.  When someone pointed out that there was one male amongst the women, he simply amended his quote to the backblast title.  I don’t know what that all means, but it was as funny as heck.

Thanks for all the birthday well wishes.



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Pleasure to lead this morning. It was nice to get some fantastic weather for the gloom today. A preview of what is to become a regular occurrence going forward. In the words of the esteemed Hardwood “Be Super”

  2. The field is square. It’s a flock. What a work out. Hats off to Kubota for pushing through the gunch and giving it his all. Vinny has gloom worthy phrases. Stay tuned.

  3. What a workout! Great Q as always TYA!! Welcome back Fireman Ed and way to push on the lunges. Thanks to Rosie and Phonics for keeping me in the pre-spill merlot phase the entire day. Way to push fellas!

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