Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

First Day of Spring


15 F3 studs greeted the first day of Spring by venturing into the 70 and sunny gloom.  Due to oxygen deprivation, I think this is what we did:

Mosey to Carillon field to circle up around the F3RVA Success Donut sponsored by Holland Family Chiropractic and presented this morning by Woodfin.  (Both Big Blue and Little Blue cars were with us this morning)

Exercises included : Invisible Jumprope, DQs, Arm Circles (front and back), merkins and LBCs.

Mosey to corner of field nearest Carillon facing the short side.  One Pax member flips tire 5 times while PAX performs various exercises.  PAX flips tire entire length of field.  Exercises included running forward and backwards, bear crawls and crawl bears, running to opposite corners of field, merkins and LBCs.

Mosey to amhphitheater for Self Destruction. First step = 1 merkin, 1 LBC, 1 squat.  Increase reps for each step all the way to top.  Mosey around circle for the six.

Mosey to Rusty Cage.  3 sets of 5 pullups and 5 jerkins.

Mosey back to the circle for Burpee Shuffle and WWII Ring of Fire.

Announcements – Too cold for announcements.

Numberama, Namearama, YHC took us out with a prayer.

Moleskin : YHC woke up at 0430 on the first full day of Spring, with thoughts of warm weather, birds chirping and heavy dew on the grass.  Just to prove who is really in charge, the Sky Q had rain, sleet and snow planned for the first full day of Spring.  YHC was making his morning coffee knowing full well there would be about 15 of his F3RVA brothers in search of a beatdown, no matter the weather conditions.  We even had a F3 visitor from Jacksonville, FL join in on the winter weather fun (Welcome PomPom, feel free to visit anytime).  YHC arrived with the F3RVA Success Donut Transport Vehicle in tow with 3 minutes to spare, to find a group standing in the drizzle, just as YHC had imagined.  During the mosey to the Carillon Field for the COP, Saab noticed the F3RVA Success Donut and sighed, followed by expletives.  And with that, Saab continued his menstration by not approving of any of the COP exercises YHC called out.  YHC is here to please.  When YHC was planning the beatdown, YHC anticipated flipping the tire the length of the field would take much more time.  However, the PAX crushed the field by flipping the F3RVA Success Donut like it was a Dunkin Donut.  No worries, YHC had some optional pleasantries up YHC’s sleeve.  Self Destruction ate up the perfect amount of time and proved to ensure the entire PAX was covered with ice crystals from head to toe. About this time furingthe beatdown, the sleet began falling heavy and the PAX could feel the ice pellets bouncing off their faces while performing the LBCs. (Additonally, D@#$ that grass on the steps was cold.)  The PAX completely destroyed themselves and there was still plenty of time for more beatdown fun.  Off to the Rusty Cage where the PAX, again made easy work out of pullups and jerkins.  Returning to the circle for made sure the PAX got a complete body workout.  I think we taxed every muscle group sufficiently this morning, as YHC is ready for a long winter nap.  (But it is the first day of Spring).

During the mosey back to the flag, Swirly mentioned that the PAX had just accomplished more than some people will accomplish all week.  YHC does not know why, but that thought has been stuck in YHCs head all morning.  With the help of the PAX, F3 men DO accomplish more than most people.  We get up early, get energized by a good beatdown and continue to accomplish tasks, goals, and challenges throughout the day at our jobs, with our 2.0s, and in our homes.  It all starts with F3 at 0530.  NO LONG WINTER NAPS TODAY, YHC HAS MUCH TO ACCOMPLISH ON THE FIRST FULL DAY OF SPRING.  YHC would like the thank the PAX for the inspiration.

Flipper – You are welcome for the new clients.

Circle K


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  1. Always a pleasure CK…It was like having my own personal trainer who customized the workout to my every need (and boy do I have a lot of needs).

    You know, I have a nice doughnut-spare in my car you can borrow for these workouts at any time…just sayin’

    Always Be Menstruating…

  2. Great Q, Circle K! Loved the tire work. I don’t think there is a perfect and proper COP for Saab’s approval. You can only guess and get close, I think! Glad to have you this morning, Pompom and way to have an Uber bring you into the gloom. Have a great Wednesday all!

  3. Hah!…lest we forget the Kubota progression…Helicopters then DQ’s…poetry (says the old guy with an aching back).

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent BB – and beatdown Circle K.
    Way to push fella’s – glad you could join us PomPom.
    Yes i felt the need today to say out loud to the team – way to push – keep pushing – you have done more already this morning than most people do in a week. Hey let’s face it – it’s good to workout with enthusiasm and it’s good to celebrate successes – it;s good to be positive (You become what you think about) So when working out stop thinking about the negative or thinking about what you can’t do or finding flaws in what your trying to do . Organizations and teams that both verbally and physically celebrate are more successful – they win more – their relationships are stronger – they have a YES Attitude ! High fives, shout outs , chest bumping – these things all release endorphins that sustains high levels of motivation. So take time to celebrate and encourage each other because these actions lead to success
    See y’all in the gloom… .

  5. Circle K – Solid beat down and way to be the beacon in the darkness! There is always a little gloom before the light. Well done men!! #abm

  6. Always enjoy the success donut CK.

    Darn, I’m tempted to join Twitter just so I can follow SAAB down the #ABM rabbit hole on the interwebs and see what kind of weirdness one might find.

  7. As always office hours today from 9-12 and 3-6:30…Running the success donut special… Uber to be dropped off in a park in complete darkness; what could go wrong… way to represent PomPom. Awesome to see all my F3 brothers in the gloom