Wednesday, January 26
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cardinal Run


A Lucky Seven wet race horses rose to run in the gloom and try the new route.  There was an immediate hesitation as the Pax braced for the directions that would be known the Cardinal Run.  The directions were solid and no one got lost.

The Route:

Head west along the lake, up the route past the baseball field to the Robbins Center.  Ascend the hill by the stadium and up Boatwright to Three Chopt.  Cross Three Chopt and take Honaker to Patterson.  Cross Patterson and head east one block.  Take a left on Roxbury.  Roxbury to West Franklin.  West on West Franklin to Charles.

5s/6s take Charles north crossing Monument and go to Crestview Elementary.  Turn around and return to Charles/West Franklin.

4s/5s/6s – Continue heading west on West Franklin to Register Parkway and take a left taking it to Patterson.  All groups should be at Patterson/Three Chopt.

4s/5s head east on Three Chopt taking a right on Bandy Road until it turns into a bamboo trail and drop down the hill in the back.  Take the lit trail back to UR and come down and around the Robbins Center to the lake.

6s head west on Patterson to Westham Parkway.  Westham Parkway to Lakewood and go left until it ends at the lake.  Take a left on College and come around the baseball fields back to the lake.

YHC took us out.


YHC was not certain of who would show up this morning as I arrived a little early.  The pull of the FS must have been strong for many, but Bleeder showed up and the rest quickly rolled in.

YHC missed the turn for Register Parkway, prompting Saab’s comments about the navigation abilities of a cardinal.  That might explain why you see so many year round.  As evidence, let it be known that the map states otherwise and a turn should have been present:

There you go!

Not too much discussion afterwards as the rain was soaking through.  Welcome the first day of Spring!




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  1. Appreciated the company with Sippy and Splinter. However, lack of proper attire left me fairly miserable…my hands are still thawing.

    Thanks for leading today LJ…your portfolio of running routes is getting quite vast.

  2. Nice variation, crossing into new territory.

    Thanks to Sippy and Saab today. I was consistently trying to catch up to you.

    For the record, the Register does connect to W Franklin. It’s just called Donald.

    I think the route should be called The Donald.

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