Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Shamrock The Lake


Saint Patrick’s Day is here and YHC had been thinking about this Q all week. What to do and how to show RESPECT for this day. Today is 4 weeks since YHC father passed and on the mind too. Early text to Swirly asking him to post his flag and YHC arrived at 545 memorizing his work out and thinking to himself…..count correctly and breath!! 21 regular PAX members and 1 FNG posted for a Flatline Q and starting St. Patrick’s Day out with a BOOM!

0600…..time to Mosey. One loop around the circle at Ampitheater awaiting late arrivals.  COP: x11 Helicopters, x24 Imperial Walkers, x 46 SSH…..YHC had more planned for COP but x46 SSH is no joke plus next workout would take some time. Mosey with a run to The Lake.

Shamrock The Lake….as YHC had conjured up!! Partner Up and here we go: at each light pole, partner 1 performs 3 exercises-x3 merkins, x 6 LBC’s, x9 SSH while partner 2 runs a lap around The Lake and meets up with partner 1. Bear crawl to each light pole, switch and repeat until The Lake has been circled! YHC planned accordingly because this evolution took some time but outstanding work PAX and way to push and finish! 15 mins left and time to Mosey to access road at bottom of bunker complex, just up the hill from The Lake.

Triple Nickel……x5 Burpees at the bottom of the road, run to the top for x5 squats, and back down=1 rep. Perform 5 reps………hence triple x5 x5 x5. 5 mins left and mosey back to the flag.

YHC finished the workout making sure all PAX members were accounted for!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: Keep Labrat in our prayers as he is with his father in the hospital in SC. CSAUP-find a team. If you want to run-tell us and we can help with all else!! Healing Place 10K Training Team after Dogpile-5 mile run today! See Upchuck!

YHC took us out!

NMS: According to Spit, approx. 4 miles ran today for Dogpile. EXCELLENT CSAUP training! Spit awesome partner as usual!! x46 SSH is a lot and YHC had more planned for COP but cadence and counting would have been difficult and bad so YHC cut COP to 3 exercises…11/24/46=YHC father’s bday! But YHC knows how the PAX loves when YHC calls out cadence or better yet, messes it up!! RVA has Shamrock The Block so YHC wanted to start the am out right, hence Shamrock The Lake!! Shamrock has 3 leaves and according to Irish tradition means 3 things-Faith, Hope, Love and if you find a 4 leaf Shamrock, 4th leaf=luck!

Gentlemen of The PAX-we have Faith in God or a higher power as well as Faith in our M, families, and F3. Hope is a powerful, powerful thing that the PAX has and we can give to others!!! Love for our families, M, and kids along with each other and one of the reasons why F3 is awesome and special. If you allow F3 into your heart, there is nothing but Faith, Hope, and Love!!!! The last 18 months has shown YHC this, especially the last 4 weeks!!

PAX members, thank you for following this am. Wasn’t quite sure how it would work out but thumbs up, YHC thinks! Way to push and get it all out! Only those who post understand!

Loud and Proud,



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  1. Flatline, that was a great, solid 60 minutes of pain! Way to bring it! Great partnering with you Hardywood! Welcome Co-sign. Good time at ET’s as usual. Have a great weekend all!

  2. Way to go, Flatline. Nice tribute to your Dad.

    I do like that lake, but less so with my face 6 inches off the concrete. I’m going to have to find another way to take in the sights.

  3. So FNG was named Avacado in the COT. However, after further intel gathering at ET’s, Avacado works for Experian NOT Cap One so an audible was called at ET’s by the Q and others. What is the worst credit score on can have? Sub-prime already taken so name changed to Cosign! Welcome Cosign!

  4. Wow what a beatdown this morning! Great Q Flatline! It was great to partner with you as well. 4.25 miles traveled this morning has to be in the top 5 for Dogpile. Bear Crawling atleast a 1/4 mile has to be a record

    Welcome Co-sign!

    For those not apart of #nobeerforlent, drink a few for us today!

    Happy St Patty’s Day Fellas!

  5. Wait, you gave up beer for Lent, and you are counting St. Patty’s Day as part of Lent?

    My Irish relatives would tell you that’s not a sacrifice. That’s a sacrilege.

  6. Awesome workout today. This was my 6th post and I’ve been told the first 10 are the hardest. It’s great to have the fellowship of such inspirational men. Thanks for the kindness y’all have showed me.

  7. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Shamrock lake – well done fellas! Strong Q Flatline.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day ! ? ☘️
    See y’all in the gloom

  8. Honored and humbled to work out for Flatline’s pops. Great trip around the lake as always. My thumbs are sore.

  9. Absolute smokefest Flatline!! Very well done young man. Way to crush Kubota!!! Welcome Cosign!!

    Today was the only proper way to upgrade a name. Before sundown on the first post by the Q.

  10. I really hate missing a Flatline Q. Had to drive to Tech for a college tour and back int he same day. Ugg! Not attending Dog Pile and attending ET’s totally throws my day off. Not to mention it makes me cranky! Looks like Flatline brought the pain!