Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

3rd Annual Mid-March Tradition


Eighteen upperclassmen including 1 FNG strolled onto the Mary Munford campus this morning, some veterans of today’s escapades while others were unsuspecting.  YHC received a few strange looks when he emerged from his vehicle.  Yep, March Madness baby!  Tip-off was promptly at 0530.

Mosey, single file to the basketball courts for disclaimer then COP:

Invisible Layups (4 left hand and 3 right hand)
Invisible Jump Rope (x20)
High Knees (x20)
Butt Kickers (x20)
Defensive Slides (x10)
Floor Slaps (x10)

The Thang
Stay on the basketball courts for a gasser of Lindsay’s.  Jump Squats & Merkins.  30/10, 25/15, 20/20, 15/25, 10/30.

Line up on the end line for line drill then first round of 1-1s with Lab Rat and TYA firing away.  Miss the front-end of a 1-1 then the PAX does 10 burpees.  We did this twice and never found out what we would do if we made 1 or both free throws.

Line up in two lines at opposing ends of the court.  Single file, continuously toss the ball against the backboard with the person tossing the ball moving to the end of the other line and the next person in line continuing the sequence.  When the ball hits the ground PAX drops and completes 5 burpees.  We tried this for a few minutes before calling failure.

Line drill then second round of 1-1s with Rosie and Swirly making attempts.  Once again we did this twice with no one making a basket.  10 burpees each time there was a miss.  Joy!

Circle up at mid-court for Box Out Ring of Fire.  PAX planks while 2 members attempt to do a 5 second box out drill.  Defender tries to prevent the offender from reaching the ball in the middle of the circle.  After a few iterations the PAX began counting down by completing 5 merkins for each participant.  Everyone participated that wanted to (I know who you are…).

Pair up for the much anticipated 2-2 matchups.  Play half-court for 3 minutes.  Winning team stays, losing team rotates clockwise.  Odd team out does WWIIs for 3 minutes.

After 15 minutes we gathered our belongings and race back to the flag.

Welcome FNG Flange!  This workout should not necessarily be your litmus test for whether or not you come back.  We are mostly business when it comes to workouts but every once in a while it is nice to do something different and have some fun.

YHC appreciates the PAX suffering through some of the attempted exercises before we got to the more enjoyable 2-2 games.  If the PAX would have allowed it, YHC would have scheduled 45 minutes of 2-2 games.

In 3 years, the PAX has attempted 14 free throws and only made 2.  Of those 2, Sippy Cup is the only one to make a free throw.  In 3 years.  1 person, 2 free throws.  Maybe we should try this again in the summertime when it is light.

For those wondering, this is what a tap drill should look like.  Also, these kids are like 12.

And this is what a box out drill looks like.  Skip to ~3:30 for some good examples:

Enjoy the games everyone!

Splinter out






  1. Great fun, Splinter! This morning was a reminder as to why I only played Football and Baseball in high school! Note to self for next year: do not volunteer to box out or be boxed out by Gumbo.

  2. Absent my disdain for any activity involving handling of a ball (or Frisbee : ), I commend you Splinter on how your workouts can often have us work outside our comfort zones….change is good.

  3. Always fun to cross the river for this themed beatdown. Good work Splinter. I definitely think we should run this back in the summer when sight and depth-perception are possible….same result likely, but we should try anyway.

    Whole lotta “mass” coming together at the epicenter of the ball in the middle of the ring there with Gumbo boxing out Kubota. Good fun!

    Since apologizing appears to be all the rage these days (sorry Lab Rat), Gumbo would like to apologize to Sippy. Except for one well-timed free throw to break the tie with Swirly and Rosie, I was of no help in the 2 on 2 games.

  4. Big Tennessee on

    The first 2 years I left the March Madness workout limping, so i decided to take care of that yesterday;( Hate to have missed it, but love this tradition! Kubota, I concur with your assessment of Gumbo. Saab, leave the balls alone and stick to 6 inches. Well done, Splinter! Love the videos. GO VOLS!!

  5. Fun times Splinter, always love seeing the rims glowing, even though it doesn’t help us shoot. Welcome Flange.
    Marmaduke ran a basketball themed workout at TwinTeam and I am sure we made more than 2 shots in the light. We may have shot until everyone made 1 while the PAX did an exercise, point is we are capable of making a few.

  6. That was a lot of fun, Splinter. Except guarding you…or being guarded by you. Of course the day we play 2 on 2 would be the day I bring out another wrestler (we are short folk) so I have to match up with the 7 footer (I’m rounding). Glad it was dark!
    Great work out there Flange, Splinter is right though. You’ve got to come out again to see a “normal” workout (do we have those?)
    See ya’ll in the gloom

  7. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    This Q is a highlight in the year Splinter – well done bro !
    Enjoyed teaming up Rosie – way to bring it bro.
    Welcome Flange – great to have you join us – come on back dude !
    See y’all in the gloom.

  8. I always feel privileged to lead this group. Any time you receive a commendation from Saab is a good day. Unlike the rest of the PAX I will not apologize for any decisions I made today. They are the things I wanted to do and I do not regret any minute of it. Except maybe letting TYA shoot a free throw.

    Gumbo – I need to make my way out for the home run derby contest. Marking my calendar for July.

  9. I thought Awesome, I’m teamed up with Marv…he can play by play the game while we do it….I didn’t get one “Eureka ” or emphatic “give it to’em”…so a bit disappointed…but I did get to find out what happens when you put a high school wrestler and a colllege baseball player on the court…. nothing great!! Just a lot of fun… thanks Marv

  10. This year will be the 3rd Annual HR Derby. Usually on the day of the MLB All-Star Game and we meet at Huguenot Little League instead of NoToll on a Tuesday, but we will see. I will put out a pre-blast a week or so before.

  11. With the Masters around the corner, I pictured EFH saying “a tradition unlike any other” in his best Jim Nantz voice as he posted this comment.